August 14, 2013

Berry Picking

To keep the stress levels down, Joshua decided to take me berry picking!
There are blueberries, raspberries, salmon berries, and two other berries we aren't quite sure of!
We went berry picking behind the airstrip.  It was miles and miles of land. It was beautiful!
It was so fun to participate in something that all the Natives love...
all my students were talking about what they did this summer.. every single one said they went berry picking at least some of the summer.
When they say they go berry picking, they mean they pick at least 10 gallons of berries.
One man, Harry (he's our lead tech guy at school), told us of stories of families picking 35 gallons in one day!... after knowing how long it takes to pick berries.. that's crazy!
We spent at least an hour and a half out in the fields picking, and our bag only had a thin layer of berries... you'll see it in the pictures to come. We didn't pick very long because I had to get back to school, but it was fun enjoying the sunshine and being outside.
And even though we didn't get a lot of berries, my awesome hubs still made the best jelly ever. The only thing.. we did not have a strainer to throw away the seeds... Bummer! So we didn't get to enjoy the jelly like we had planned.
Berry picking was such a neat experience.. and its awesome out here because everywhere you look, you can pick 'em!
 This photo is looking out onto the field where we picked berries.
 Salmon Berry
 Ready to pick!
 One berry we aren't sure of.. reminded us of a cranberry
 They call this tundra tea - As we were berry picking, we could smell this all around us.
 Some blueberries
  What the inside of this berry looks like!
 Handful of salmon berries
 My Alaskan husband.

 This picture shows how mushy the ground is... not all parts, but some!
The beautiful land! 
 picking berries!
 What a ripe blueberry looks like compared to one that is not!
 May not look like much, but it was fun!
Signs by the airstrip!
 Josh's finished project! It was yummy!!
Berry picking was such a neat experience.. we are looking forward to the adventures we can experience next!

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  1. Yum! The jelly sounds delicious! FYI... I use cheesecloth/fabric to strain the seeds. Curt wants to know if you have huckleberrys there? He LOVES them!!! Looks so beautiful up there! Hope school is going well too! Love from Illinois!