August 25, 2013

It's the little things...

If you have read my blog before, you know I always say, "It's the little things!" 
But people, I'm just speaking the truth.

In Newtok, we have no cars, no shopping malls, no movie theaters to keep us entertained.
If we forget something, we can't just hop in our cars and drive to the store to get it, because we know it will be reasonably priced. 
We don't even have internet or satellite at our house.
Do you see how negative I sound?!

Instead of focusing on what we don't have, Joshua and I both have had a new outlook on life and we are enjoying the little things!

Here are a few examples of our little things:

Cornbread - one of Josh's favorite foods.  We have not been able to have it, because we do not have eggs.  So what do we do? Look for a substitute.  Mayonnaise worked great! We were then able to eat it with our soup.. yum!

This picture shows a few things. 1) We have been lucky enough to have great people send us care packages.  Mrs. Davis and her family have been great in sending us two packages already! They always include a little bit of candy (If anyone knows Josh, they know he has the biggest sweet tooth ever!), some snack foods, and the best part of this second one - the game of UNO! This was our entertainment on our Friday night. 
2) Our house is not big enough to have a table.  Therefore, we make do with what we have.  Josh's mother was awesome in that she bought and shipped us a bread maker... can you say fresh bread?! The box was the perfect size to use as our table for the night! 
3) Last but not least, my handsome husband! If you ever want to really get to know someone, move to rural Alaska in a 250 sq. foot house and live with them.  He is for sure my greatest blessing! 

It's the little things.. I am actually beating Josh for once! We decided to keep a running score of our UNO playing.. He is not liking it at the moment :)
It's the little things.. to have such a godly husband where he is always putting up constant reminders of how great our GOD is. 

Like I said before, people have been so great in sending us constant reminders that we are loved and thought about.  The first picture is a card that our cousin, Olivia, gave to us before we left for Alaska.  The second picture is one that Miss Tenley drew for us!
We definitely appreciate getting mail.  My grandma Judy tested out the "snail mail" just to see how long it would take by sending us a lovely card that said she was thinking of us. 
Cathy Ile has been awesome in sending us two cards just to wish us luck and that she is praying for nothing but the best for us. 
It's the little things! Receiving items like these in the mail really touches Joshua and I more than anyone can know.
Side note: If you would like to be a part of our fridge art, we will most definitely put it up if you send us something:)

It's the little things... Family traditions!
Traditions have always been a big thing in both of our families.  We have kept the tradition of having traditions going by already having our own little tradition... pancake breakfast on Sunday mornings! sounds awesome, right?!

This morning was the best one yet, because Josh actually went across to the new village site yesterday with Grant, the principal, and Matt, another teacher, and picked blackberries to put in our pancakes! 

Aren't those the biggest pancakes?! Hubs outdid himself this morning!

They were so yummy... obviously!

Just wanted to share with you guys what the Hall's have been thankful for recently, and we hope that you will stop and enjoy the little things wherever you are!

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  1. Emily it sounds amazing! You guys sound like you are having an amazing time. I am extremely jealous.