October 15, 2013

Crazy, busy, beautiful life

It has been over a week since my last post.
Sometimes life just gets in the way...

Life has been busy with grading papers, planning, rearranging our place of living, and trying to slow down time! Is it just me or is it hard to believe it's already the middle of October?!

But good news... I made it through my first quarter of teaching! 
Does it always go by this fast?! 
I have my first Parent/Teacher conferences this Thursday which I am a little nervous about.
Keep your fingers crossed!

Joshua has been trying to keep busy. He has been subbing as much as he can.  He subbed for the Pre-K/Kindergarten class the other week, and they all loved him. After Betsy came back, all the little kiddos asked me where Josh went. 
I think he liked it, also. The entire weekend he was singing the money and month song he learned teaching them (which one had dance moves to the Macarena, so we all know he was into that!)

It seems the weather has taken a halt.  For some odd reason, (it must be our new Alaskan life) we are all waiting and wanting the cold weather (snow) to come. It is everything but sunshine here. It rains all the time. And the wind gusts have been up to 50 mph. 
Imagine that in our little house!

Also, I know I will probably regret saying we are ready for the snow to come. Promise to not say "I told ya so" when it is April and it is still a blizzard outside.

So, it seems life in Newtok has become somewhat normal now. Which I guess is a good thing!

This weekend, though, Newtok is hosting a NYO event.  NYO stands for Native Youth Olympics. It really is the neatest thing. I have to help student council with making food and such so I will be there front and center. Expect a post about it sometime next week, because it'll blow your mind. You just wait...

On a side note, and just for my pleasure, we got our wedding photos this week! They turned out amazing! Here are some of our favorites: 
(And for your listening pleasure: I Won't Give Up ... our wedding song, as you look at our photos!)

Our most favorite candid shot:) Sums us up perfectly.

P.S. - We may or may not have bought an $18 Digiorno pizza tonight at the store - just like at a regular Pizza Hut, right?! What is eating out anyways?

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