October 23, 2013

Good Eats

I feel so bad for all of you because you have not been experiencing the hearty meals Joshua has been cooking with the moose meat he brought home.
And I feel even worse because I have not been taking photos to even show you how deliciously excellent they look.

We have made some good fixins.
Italian Moose (like Italian beef.. banana peppers and all!), Moose Meatballs, Moose Spaghetti, and Moose Tacos just to name a few. 

Last night, we probably had one of the best meals. Joshua marinated a moose roast overnight in a ton of different seasonings. He later wrapped it in bacon. 
YES... I know, totally awesome we had bacon!
He then put a little Country Bob's (thank you father for that southern IL treasure) on it before putting it in the oven to bake. 
For our sides, we had mashed potatoes and wait for it... corn!
Canned goods are ridiculously expensive and we haven't been able to order them off of Amazon, because when we do, it says they cannot ship out here. 
It's not like we are in the middle of nowhere!... okay, maybe we are a little bit.
But thankfully, my awesome in-laws sent us an assortment of canned goods!
We usually always try to eat some sort of vegetable with our dinner, but we haven't been able to in a few weeks.. it was heavenly.

So if you think the Hall's aren't eating well because we don't have fast food.. you are seriously wrong. 
We feel sorry for you. :)

And now for some glorified pictures of our dinner last night:
Your mouths should be watering.. you're welcome.

Then after our delicious meal, as if we weren't full, we made some popcorn and watched a movie with our new DVD player the Serena's sent us last week. Thank you so much to them as we can now watch a DVD knowing it will work every single time!

In other news, Joshua is officially in Anchorage as I type this. I am extremely jealous that he is there and I am still in Newtok.
The only thing I really am jealous about is that he gets to go to an actual Wal-Mart and grocery shop!
And he will grocery shop.. he brought extra bags with him so he could stock up and bring them back... such a good hubs!

Lately, a lot of stuff has been happening in our newly married lives. I mean, who would have thought even last January that we would be in rural Alaska by the fall?! I know our parents didn't! It is amazing how much life changes in a few months. It just humbles us knowing that the LORD has it all planned out.

"We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps." - Proverbs 16:9

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