October 26, 2013

Husband's Back!

Joshua finally arrived safely from Anchorage last night.
Thankfully, he was able to get out of Bethel. The winds have been so bad lately - around 40-50 mph. 
Riding in those small 207 planes + gusts of winds = one scary ride!
But he arrived safely and definitely enjoyed his time in Anchorage.
He was actually able to go to a restaurant, have a (legal) beer, and watch the World Series.. he loved life.
It is funny though that we are so used to the slow pace of village life. Joshua said Anchorage was super busy and he appreciated the slower pace that we are living.

So apparently, when your husband goes away, that means gifts for you! 
Joshua got a few goodies for me: 

Hint: You know you live in Alaska when your husband brings you back ear warmers and the thickest pair of socks he could find!

Joshua thought this gift was soooo funny:
Funny because it's true…

We have A LOT of moose cooking going on in our household!

And a gift for both of us that we have needed! 

In the morning, the boardwalks can be super slick because of the frost. These cleats slip on to any shoe and make for extra traction so we don't fall off into the mud!

So after your husband gets home and surprises you with gifts, what do you do?
You go with him to check his traps, of course!

Before Josh left, he set around six traps.
He is trapping for muskrat right now. 
We get up to the very first trap, and lo and behold, there is a muskrat!
Woo Hoo! Hubs caught his first Alaskan muskrat!

Josh set the trap right before he left, so the thing could have been in there one day or four. I don't want to think of it….
But I couldn't let a good photo opportunity go to waste… I'm trying new things and apparently holding dead animals is on that list.

So now we have a dead muskrat hanging in our arctic room.
Joshua is in the process of skinning it and stretching it - should be sold around $8-$12!

Loving this village/outdoors life!

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