October 31, 2013

Our first Halloween.. married!

Our first Halloween married and it was a total success.
I'm telling ya… Newtok knows how to celebrate!

This week was also Red Ribbon Week so the dress up day today was "Say BOO to drugs!"
Students were supposed to wear their Halloween costumes to school - some of them went above and beyond.

 ^^ Here we have two students in my class and a younger brother
 ^^ A Monster High Doll
 ^^ The Nightmare before Christmas… obviously
^^ A Witch
 ^^ A Flamingo
 ^^ Bless his heart. This kid is hilarious and one of the sweetest boys. He dressed up like his older sister - makeup and fingernail polish as well!

Like I mentioned before, Newtok has a tremendous staff. Every single day this week for RRW, at least for a little bit each day, each teacher has dressed up. Today though, this teacher looked awesome!
Everyone, meet Dora!

 Didn't she look awesome! Plus, she spoke in Spanish whenever you would say hi to her. HA!

So to celebrate how hard my students have worked this year (they could not have any missing work as of yesterday), and because Halloween is such a cool holiday, we had a class party!

We watched Hocus Pocus and played some Halloween Bingo. Even the students love bingo here!

Plus some awesome snacks, including popcorn, Halloween cookies Josh got in Bethel, and the best one - roasted pumpkin seeds from our two jack-o-lanterns we carved in English/Yupik class.

I roasted them with garlic powder, salt, pepper, and a little bit of crushed red pepper. They turned out really well!

School had an early dismissal at 2.. then at 2:30 began the Halloween Carnival!
I couldn't believe how many activities they had for everyone in Newtok.. young and old.

 ^^ Cake Walk

 ^^ Even miniature golf.. spooky miniature golf at that!

Each teacher had a different booth or game that they would help run. I decided to help a teacher with running bingo. Bingo is a HUGE deal in Newtok. They haven't had it though since Saturday night. That means a lot of people were not getting their bingo fix! I thought I would be bored at this booth calling out numbers and what not, but it was the complete opposite. Plus, it was nice because I got to talk and converse with adults (since most of the students played other games) for a change. Another note: I had no idea all the different ways someone could play bingo. You have the four corners, the inner four corners, straight bingo, block of 6, block of 9, big arrow, small arrow, large X, small kite, etc. It blew my mind!

So at 4:30, bingo stopped and the raffle started. They had prizes from shoes to flashlights to blankets to DVDs. There was also a prize of $100 if someone could make a full court shot. Josh took a stab at it…
… we are not $100 richer.

So then after the carnival the real fun began.. trick or treating!
Plus, it was fun because it was our first house that children came to visit!
Ready to pass out candy!

I had no clue we would see so many faces come to our door!
We had ordered two huge bags of candy, thinking that it would be enough. It wasn't.
We had to think on our feet, and luckily, we had left over individual packs of cookies so we added those to our bucket. Well, those ran out, too!
Thankfully, we had just ordered a 66 count box of Welch's Fruit Snacks. We only have five packs left!
Obviously, everyone and their mother goes trick or treating. Our candy bowl proves it!

Some lovely trick-or-treaters:
P.S. I totally made everyone that came to our door/front (only) steps say "trick-or-treat!" My Jr. High students didn't appreciate it like I did…

The best part of this whole day was the Joshua came up with our costumes. Granted, Halloween sort of snuck up on us. We usually like to get a full costume. I mean, our first Halloween we were the SNL skit Spartan cheerleaders and even knew the entire skit.
^^ Woah. #tbt

But in our defense, we did just move thousands of miles away across the country, are newly married, and adjusting to a completing new lifestyle. (Is that really an excuse?!) Plus, we didn't want to spend the money costumes now-a-days cost. So what was Josh's bright idea?

Peanut Butter and Jelly!
Fabulous, I know!

I was proud of Hubs that he came up with this creative, and cheap, idea!

I do have to say that out of all the costumes I've seen, there is one that is the cutest that I wish I would have gotten to see in my hometown!

My nephew, James, makes an adorable little lion!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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  1. Hello Emily!!! I am so excited to get to see the great things you are doing with your life. I am jealous. I would love to be there experiencing this. My classes are following you blog too. We did get the request to skype with your class. They are getting that set up for us. I will be in contact. We are getting ready to send some letters to you and your class. I will try to email some pics of things we are doing here. I told my students that you ranked high on my list as favorite students!!!!!!!!!! I will be in contact soon on the details of what time will work and how we will exactly do the contact. My students are soooooooooo excited.