November 4, 2013

A Little Taste of Home

Friday, right before I got on the plane for Bethel, my dad's surprise package arrived.
He had packaged 12 Taco Tierra Sanchos and all the fixings!
Also, note the McDonald's coupons. It was his "joke" since the closest McDonalds is 500 miles away!
Taco Tierra is a favorite in my small town of southern Illinois.
They are known for not only their Mexican-American food, but also their drinks (mostly their ice).
If only a jumbo ice could arrive here!

So all weekend, Josh had them in the freezer, waiting until I got home, so we could finally have sanchos together. 
Sunday night for dinner we decided to try them out.
And oh my goodness.
My father had one of the best ideas in the world.
The medium sauce was so good… I forgot how much I liked it.
We knew the lettuce had gone bad, so while I was in Bethel, I got some.
We were eating like we were actually sitting down in the restaurant!

 All our fixings!
I forgot how big their shells were!
 Aren't those the best tacos you've ever seen!
 And obviously you can tell I have never worked at Taco with my sancho wrapping ability….
Joshua enjoying his sancho in Alaska!

^^ I was in heaven.

Needless to say, Joshua and I had the best supper Sunday night.

Now my dad did try this back in Sept. and the package got lost..
…until last Friday where it was sent back to him over a month later.
Thank goodness these arrived within 5 days! Way to go, Dad!

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