February 12, 2014

From Alaska - To Illinois

Over Christmas break, I received the greatest letters from the fifth grade class at NICE school in Mt. Carmel, IL - my hometown.
Their teacher, Mrs. Merritt, who I actually had when I was in fifth grade, made it a project for them to look at the blog and write to my students. 
All of the letters were so great!
Fifth grade: If you are reading this, thank you so much for wanting to write to my class and asking some of the best questions ever! 
They asked my students if they loved living Alaska, if they ever got too cold during the winter, or if they watched the World Series. 
I'll tell you right now, they didn't. Baseball isn't a huge thing around these parts!
They were all so great, I was excited for my students to read them and write back!
They even wrote to Joshua, wishing him luck on his hunting! 
How sweet, right?!

So because of weather that first week back - we only had a two day week. 
It was the perfect time for my students to start their pen-pal relationship with these fifth graders from Illinois.
Weeelllllllll, we all know because of my lack of blogging, just how busy January has been. 
I just now sent them off. I know, I know. Not on the ball at all! 
But, I finally sent them out last Friday.
So fifth graders from NICE, letters are on their way!

Now, in the lower 48, the class sizes are bigger. I had forgotten this. I am so used to having less than 15 students in one grade, that when I received 40 something letters, I was so confused. How could one class size be this big?! Yes, that is how used to it I am out here.
And because I only have 21 students in all - 5th and 6th combined, I had each student write two letters. So IL, some students will get letters from the same people and you will be writing to not only 5th grade, but 6th grade as well!

Along with all of my students' letters, I wrote them a note. I mentioned how much I enjoyed reading each of their letters, how much my students loved writing back to them, and how this next time, I wanted them to explain Illinois to them. I have tried, but I'm curious to how an eleven year old will describe it. So we will see what we get!

Education sidenote: Pen-pals are such a cool thing, but it also helps reinforce the skill of writing a friendly letter. 
I hope you are proud, Dr. D!

So, of course with this project, pictures had to be involved. I got some individual ones and some group ones. 
** I have parent and student consent to use their picture on this blog.**

6th grade:

5th grade:

This was definitely a cool experience for my students. I am hoping we can keep this up, and eventually Skype with their class!
FYI: If anyone else wants to write or Skype with my students, count us in! They loved it!

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