March 6, 2014

He Loves Me...

Caution: This is a post totally bragging on my husband. Read at your own discretion….

My husband is great… even at 500 miles away.
It's still so fun to call him my husband. Still must be in that newlywed phase.

I always mention things I may need or am wanting.
Now, I know women do this all the time. We have learned this trick from movies, right?
We always expect them to get the hint.
But, I never expect Josh to take note.
When I tell him what I am wanting, I am really just telling him my list so I can make an order off of Amazon.
Because yes, we ask each other for "permission" before we buy something. Anyone who has shopped with me can vouch for that. (Right Betsy??)

But apparently my husband listened and took note. 
Can you say keeper?!

I got the best care package from him today.
I even told him it as good as my mom's packages.. and those are good!
I mean my husband must love me with sending me two care packages in two months.
Does your husband send you care packages?? Okay.. don't answer that. You live with your husbands.

And he wrapped it so beautifully…

 See what I mean?

Joshua actually figured out that sending any regular box, not a priority box, is cheaper for us since we are in the same state. 
500 miles away, but the same state. Who is counting really?

So I got this wonderful, coffee pot box in the mail today with amazing goodies inside.

The first thing on top: chips.
For some reason, I have been craving chips. What is one bag in 9 months?

This was Joshua's pick. One thing I asked for was granola bars, and Joshua saw these and swore we had them before and loved them. I do not remember them, but they look yummy! Husband knows best!

We have really loved the Crush Orange water enhancers you can buy in separate packages. Even better now that it comes it a bottle. Anddd… he added a peach tea one as well. He knows me so well!

To add to our hot tea phase… Sleepytime Peach. Told ya he knew me… If you haven't guess, peach is my all-time fave!

The last care package my mom sent me had gum in it. I forgot how much I loved it. My husband took note:)
Also, is there any other floss to have? Sidenote: I never flossed my teeth until I met Joshua. One of the many reasons why he has been so good for me.

What? My husband sends me a gossip magazine. with Ellen on the cover. Amazing.

And the best parts of the package:

The biggest apples you've ever seen.

I mean look at it compared to my hand.. and my strange face…
and how far I have to open my mouth to bite it. Oh, and don't mind the double chin. Maybe I don't need that bag of chips…

Apples are great. I will probably have those things gone.. oh by tomorrow.
But hubs really out did himself this time.
Can you say… strawberries

I was so so so excited when Joshua told me he sent these.
When I got the box, you could literally smell them from the outside.
And the first bite was just heavenly.
I am one lucky lady.

So no need for talking sweet about my guy, because well, this post is doing that already. But I have the best husband that dotes on me any chance he gets…even if we are on opposite sides of Alaska.
I'm one lucky gal.

P.S. - I hope I don't scare anyone with my faces. It was brought to my attention (cough, cough Alex) that it's funny I put any pictures of myself on here. I think they give my blog a touch of who I really am, because let's face it, I have the weirdest faces. And if you don't believe me, ask for one of my high school basketball action shots. You'll understand then.

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