May 8, 2014

Almost Time

I only have 10 more days until I leave Newtok.
I can't believe it's almost time.
This is such a bittersweet feeling.
I am going to miss everyone here - the other teachers, my students, the people, the culture…
But I cannot wait to see Joshua.

I don't want to bid farewell to Newtok quite yet - that will come next week.
Instead, this is a post saying how much I can't wait to live in Seward and live with my husband again.

The first time we set foot in Alaska, I prayed to Jesus that I would never get accustomed to seeing the mountains. Those big, tall, wondrous peaks of land jutting up into the sky never deserve to be overlooked. It is breathtaking. Every time I see them, I'm in awe. This quote is literally how I'm feeling right now:

The mountains are just a totally different landscape than what Joshua and I are used to. We are used to flat land and corn where you can see miles and miles.
The way the land looks - not even the way of life - is one main reason we decided to move. The past few weeks, every time Joshua and I talk on the phone, it's about camping in the mountains, hiking up the mountains, etc, etc…
I can't wait to do these things with Joshua.

Another reason why I can't wait to get to Seward is that we live next to the water.
Coming from the Midwest, I never thought about living near water.
Probably because the nearest ocean we would travel to was 14 hours away.
Seward, and the surrounding area, is by water. There is something to be said about hearing the seagulls flying, smelling the salty air, and watching the sun set over the water. 

Even when I was there in April, I looked at Joshua and told him I never wanted to live apart from the water again. So shoot, our next journey could be down south in Cali!
Just kidding - Joshua will never leave Alaska… and I mean ever. That ship has sailed.

There is something to be said for mountains and salt water. I guess you all will just have to come up and experience it with us!

So those are my reasons for being excited about Seward.

Let me tell you reasons for being excited to live with Joshua again.
I'll keep it brief.

>> Obviously, I will get there right before our first anniversary. 
Holy cow! I can't believe it's been a year already!
>> Moving there will be the beginning of our second year of marriage!
'Nuff said!
>> In our second year, I hope to live with my husband, alone, for more than four months.
Yep… out of the twelve months of our first year together, we only lived together, alone, for four months. 
Never again will I say we will never live apart. You never know what'll happen. I will just try very hard not to have that happen!
>> I can't wait to laugh at his jokes.
I'm a huge believer of laughter. I laugh all the time. Joshua makes me laugh. I can't wait to have that in person again - not just by phone.
>> I can't wait to cook for him.
Okay… So Imma be honest. I'm a little nervous. I mean, I know I make a mean moose roast. It's the other stuff I'm worried about. I haven't had the ability to try my hand at other stuff (beef and chicken), so this will be exciting to try out new and different recipes. And I guess not just beef or chicken, but black bear! Hopefully soon Joshua will get one and I can explore with that in the kitchen… I don't even recognize myself anymore!
>> I can't wait to go to church.
I can't wait to go to church every week with Joshua and get involved as much as we can. I've really missed that.
>> I can't wait to finally feel like I'm not waiting for something.
Ya know… for almost two years, Joshua and I have been just waiting for life to happen. We got engaged and couldn't wait to get married. We got married and couldn't wait to move to Alaska. We moved to Alaska and Josh couldn't wait to get a job. Josh moved for said job and we couldn't wait to live with each other again. When I move next Sunday, I am looking forward to the feeling of relief and contentment. Relief that we are finally with each other and we won't have to wait anymore. Contentment that this life we are living is great and sufficient enough for us and we won't be waiting for something else to happen to make us happy. We'll have each other again and that's all that matters.

So I know my farewell to Newtok will be next week and emotional, but I thought I would write down the hope and excitement I'm feeling right now to finally move to Seward and live with my husband again!

Oh and Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister, Alex! Yay!

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