May 16, 2014

My last time around Newtok

This week is all about remembering and cherishing all the moments I have had in Newtok.
I don't ever want to forget this place - although I'm 100% positive that could never happen.
But what better way to remember Newtok than by going around and capturing it, as it is right now, this last day of being able to. 

Walking through Newtok, you are sure to see: 

The most beautiful sunrises and sunsets ever.

^^ September 9, 2013 Sunset

^^ Sunrise that happened last week - May 2014

Some type of antler - sometimes on the ground, other times on top of the houses.

Rows of dead animal hanging out to dry.

^^ It's bird season after all 

Clothes on the clothesline.

^^ Their rain coats - made out of seal intestine!

You can bet that you'll see adults or kids cutting fish. 

Kids playing outside.

Some even coming back from hunting.

Or maybe just random kids hanging out on random rooftops.

You'll enjoy looking out and seeing Nelson Island.

^^ If you look closely at this photo, you'll notice the steam coming off of the water. Even though it's getting warmer out, the water is still freezing cold.

But at anytime you are viewing the sites of Newtok, you still need to be careful. The boardwalks with the multiple holes and missing boards can be tricky to step on!

I'm sure going to miss this place!

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