May 14, 2014


My year in Newtok is coming to an end.
Today was our last full day of classes, tomorrow is wacky olympics (excited about that!), and Friday is cut short like always. 
As I'm sitting and watching all these amazing students for what will be the last time, I can't help but think what this year has meant to me and what it has taught me.

My thoughts about my year in Newtok:

>> Newtok, thank you for giving us such a cozy first home.
>> I am so thankful we could start our married lives here.
>> Newtok taught us to really depend on one another.
>> Newtok made us get out of our comfort zone together.
>> The people in Newtok are the nicest people I've ever met.
That being said, I'm sure we will stay in touch with these people the rest of our lives.
>> The students in Newtok - you all have gained a piece of my heart.
You were my first students. I grew with you this year. I hope you will always remember me.
>> I had some of my greatest moments with you students.
>> I had some of my worst moments with you students.
>> I hope I taught all of you well.
>> I hope all of you learned what a difference you can make in the world.
>> I hope you realize just how much you taught me this year.
>> Newtok, I am even a bigger fan of fruits and veggies now and realize just how good they really are.
>> Thank you for believing and respecting your culture so much.
>> Thank you for allowing me to partake in your culture.
>> Thank you for not hysterically laughing at me trying to Yupik dance.
>> But Newtok, I have to be honest with you. I will not miss hauling water. 
>> Thank you for teaching Joshua and I how to really communicate with one another.
>> Thank you for taking care of me when Joshua was gone this semester.
>> Thank you for keeping us safe as we flew back and forth from you. And fingers crossed for one more flight outta here!
>> Newtok, thank you for allowing me to get used to the Yupik language. Now, I won't know what to do when my whole day will be spoken in English.
>> Newtok, I really will not miss the incinolet or taking showers in the school. Although, I am thankful we even had those options!
>> Thank you for teaching me new experiences.
>> Thank you for broadening my horizons and my mindset on life.
>>Thank you for being an adventure.
>> But Newtok, I really won't miss missing my husband anymore.
>> And Newtok, most importantly, I will always think of you with fond memories.

Newtok, I will miss you.

But as sad as I am about leaving Newtok, I can't stop dreaming what our life will be like together in Seward.

My thoughts about our new life in Seward:

>> I will get to live with my husband again!!!!!!!!!!! 
>>  A week after I get there, we will have our first year anniversary.
Even though we didn't get to spend that much time together this year, at least we will be able to celebrate this cherished anniversary together.
>> We will start our second year of marriage anddd fingers crossed - we won't move away from each other.
>> Road system. Need I say more??
>> We will live in a bigger house - not just a 10-step across box.
>> I will have a regular kitchen, with all of our wedding gifts that I will be able to use on a daily basis. This I am most excited about. I've already thought about our weekly menus.
>> Each dish I will be making will involve vegetables. Count on it.
>> I can start decorating. I've been looking for different ideas for a picture wall. I'm pretty excited about that.
>> We can start saving and paying off bills… together.  I can't wait until we can finally plan together, face-to-face, in person.
I have different ideas for a budget binder as well. Just call me Ms. Organized, or OCD, whichever one.
>> I've mentioned this before, but I cannot wait to go to church again. Joshua has already been to a few, but I cannot wait to experience the different churches Seward has to offer to see which one fits Joshua and I. It's an exciting thought! 
>> Last, but not least, I cannot wait to live my life with Joshua again. What I mean is... I can't wait to plan around both of our schedules like what time he is getting home from work and when we should go to the grocery store together, to finish up a meal inside while Joshua grills out outside, to have a bathroom routine again to know how soon I should get ready before Josh, to have date night again (especially date night!), and to fall asleep together again. 

Seward, I am so ready for you!
(Only four more short days!)

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