July 31, 2014

A Night Out in Seward

How amazing did those crab cakes look yesterday??  They were made from all of our left over crab from one of my favorite dinners Joshua and I had in Seward. 

When I went back to Mt. Carmel, almost everyone I talked to asked if I had tried fresh Alaskan crab legs, because obviously, they thought I had. They thought wrong.
They couldn't believe I had lived here for almost a year and had yet to try them.
So what did we do the first night I was back in Seward? Got crab legs, of course!

And yes... I realize this post is way long overdue. What with family coming in, time just got away from us, and unfortunately, the blog. But nevertheless, this post is just way to yummy not to post. So here we are... one month after the fact. But who's counting anyways? 

So the first night I arrived back to Seward, an official way to mark my Seward residency, we went out on the town looking for good grub.
Because, well, that's the only thing to do in Seward for a date night.

We decided to head to Christo's, because we heard that's the place for crab legs.

And as soon as you walk in the building, there is a huge sign that offers their crab dinner.
So that was a plus because we didn't have to waste anytime looking at the menu. We were ready to chow down!

Twenty minutes later, the waiter brings us our dinner - one huge bucket, filled with three kinds of crab, roasted potatoes, corn, and bowls of butter on the side.

The bucket was three pounds of three different crab - king, dungeness, and snow. The only crab I've ever tried before this was snow crab because that's really the only crab they sell in the Midwest. But the best of these three was definitely king crab. If you can ever order king crab, DO IT. You will not be disappointed. 

And after our waiter saw us taking pictures, he was kind enough to hand us these very stylish bibs, then offered to take our picture together. So good food and good service!

So you can imagine how full our bellies were, because even before the crab bucket came all-you-can-eat salad and breadsticks. We stuffed ourselves silly! 
And if you saw my earlier post about my in-laws coming for a visit, you know we came back to this place since it was so good!

Once we were done eating supper, we headed outside for a short stroll to prepare ourselves for dessert. And if any of you know Josh, it was a very quick stroll. 

Seward has the cutest fine chocolate/gelato shop called Sweet Darlings.

Every time I walk in here, I feel like I'm being transported to a different time.

And every time I'm in there, my eyes go straight to the gelato options... you can see why.

Look at all that goodness.

And the best part, Joshua and I don't even argue about what kind of gelato we get. Anytime there's a choice between chocolate and fruit, fruit it is. A man who knows my heart.
My mom and sister are probably shaking their head at this statement right now.

Strawberry, coconut, and mango was the choice that night.
Anyone else craving some of this right now, besides me?!

And if eating from a three pound bucket of crab and a three scoop bowl of gelato wasn't enough, we went home and had s'mores and popcorn. HAHA. Just kidding about the s'mores and popcorn. I think I waddled back home from eating so much that night.

So if you ever decide to come to Seward, really try out these two places.
Such a great, first date night in Seward for us!

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