July 14, 2014

Denali State Park and Preserve: Day 2

Well, our family has come and gone.
Our 10 days we spent with them was one filled with laughter, fun, wildlife, and the enjoyment of each other's company. Oh and did I mention a lot of good food??  What a neat experience for them to come up and see our new home in Seward, but to also experience parts of Alaska with them that we had yet to see ourselves!

I mentioned that I was going to post our trip together in increments, so today's post is about

Denali National Park and Preserve: Day Two

The second day of Denali we decided to do our own thing. 
If you missed what we did on our first day, check it out here.

We started out the morning with a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs.
After breakfast, we decided to check out Denali's Visitor Center that we missed the day before. 

Here in the Visitor Center, it talks about the wildlife of Denali, how each season effects the wildlife/plant growth of Denali, Denali's first settlers, and the first people to climb Mt. McKinley. It gave us some background information of the National Park that we had yet to hear.

After visiting their center, we decided to make our way outside and hike one of their trails.
You can't just leave Denali without a hike through it!


As you can see, Denali is just gorgeous! The best part was that it ran into a skybridge at the midway point of the hike. Very cool!

^^ I seriously cannot get over the Panoramic option on the iPhone 5! ^^
On our way back:

This hike was only about an hour. Very do-able and so worth it to see more of Denali National Park and Preserve!
Unfortunately, after this hike meant it was time for Joshua to leave. He had to drive the 6 hours back to Seward by himself. The RV was staying one more night then we would head to Seward the next day. He couldn't leave until after lunch though! We found a really good restaurant near our campground called The Salmon Bake - different than the one Seward offers.
I do have to say that my Grandma really ventured out this trip with what she ordered - starting at this restaurant. For lunch, we shared the Yak Wrap. Throughout the trip, she tried yak, elk, and reindeer. Such an adventurist!
Like I mentioned above, this restaurant was near our RV park - Rainbow Village. It wasn't the normal campground we were used to. We weren't in the forest or trees, but it was one of gravel and was situated behind a long street of small shops - cafes, bakeries, tourist shops, etc. But it still was nice and close enough to places to walk around and enjoy this part of Denali.
And finally it was time to load up and head out of Denali. Such a fun trip to share with our family, but so ready for them to experience Seward and our new home!
// Stay tuned for posts about our wildlife tour and our experience at Exit Glacier! //

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