August 15, 2014

Friday Facts

Ah! I know I am so late in doing this post.
I actually think I missed last week's post as well.
I am awful!
It really is sad because I'm not giving you good folks out there some great info about this great state!
Well, now I am.
Better late than never, right! Right?!?

Since my husband just came back from a hunting trip - I'm really trying to persuade him to write a post about his experience - I figured our Friday Facts would deal with the hunting and fishing rules in Alaska.
'Cuz there are a lot!

Friday Facts

- If you fly into a hunting trip, you cannot hunt until 3 am of the next morning.
Reason: They do not want you scouting on the aircraft - basically, Alaska makes you work for the meat!
Example: Joshua and Doug arrived at their campsite 11 am Sunday morning. They could not hunt until 3 am Monday morning.

- When you are a resident, you can dip net for salmon.
One of the many perks of being an Alaskan resident.

- If you are fishing on the Kenai River, you can only bring home three fish, depending on the season.
Sometimes it's six.
This was a lot different in Newtok. Since it was subsistence living, you could bring home as many fish as you could catch. How nice that would be here!

- On the Kenai Peninsula, you can harvest three black bears a year.

- And speaking of black bear, you are not allowed to use a motorized vehicle, such as a snow machine, to pursue a bear that is fleeing.
Again, they make you work for the meat!

Can you tell I'm bear crazy?! I'm hopping Joshua can get a bear soon so we can have that meat all winter. Fingers crossed!


  1. What did he go hunting for?! I never went hunting when we were there, but I definitely took advantage of the fishing!

    1. His buddy had a caribou tag for the Peninsula. Josh was going for a bear, but the weather didn't permit them to stay long enough for him to get one. Darn the luck!