July 3, 2013

Good News Post

Well, the Hall's have sent their first round of items up to Alaska.  We will be sending a second round this coming weekend.. so I will post about what we packed/how we packed next week.
Until then, I figured I would give you some good news that the Hall's have been experiencing lately.
Good News Post #1: Joshua finally sold his truck! YAY! Since Newtok has no roads, reference pictures from this post, we decided it was best to sell his truck... meaning no car payment and we save money on gas/insurance!
Good News Post #2: The Hall's have figured out a way to get fresh produce in Newtok... 
Yes! Fresh Fruits and Veggies!
We got told of this company through a girl who is moving to the same school district we are headed.. and the girl is from Gibson County.. How random, right?
The company is called Full Circle Farms.  They are a company based on the West Coast that deliver boxes full of fresh produce.  There are four different sizes, depending on how much a person wants.  It is such a relief to know we will be able to eat something that came straight from the ground.. not from an 8oz can
 Ever since we made the decision to move to rural Alaska, we have come to understand the little things in life and how awesome they can be.. even if it is just selling a truck and the opportunity to have fresh produce!
 Next post will be about packing, so keep watching for it!

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  1. Yay! When can I cancel the insurance on your car? Love you, Dad