July 10, 2013

Packing Day Atauciq

 In light of our new adventure approaching.. 3 more weeks!...
I thought I would use my blog post name to highlight the Yupik language.  Atauciq means one in Yupik.
I thought I would spread out the first challenge we have faced as a newly married couple to two blog posts.. Hence the word Atauciq - Packing Day One.

But I am glad to reveal that the Hall's are done shipping items to AK!
(or at least we hope so!)
Now to begin, I just want to ask you all a question.  If you were to move cross country, knowing that there would be no way to get anything conveniently you normally use, what would you pack? That is the question Joshua and I have been facing for 3 months now. 
This question also serves as a (sometimes) stressful debate because what I think is important, Joshua may not agree - or vice versa.  So it has been a little tricky to say the least. 

Also, because of this venture to rural AK where we can only get there by plane, most of our items we got for our wedding shower/day can not come with us - a total bummer. But thank you to everyone who gave us a gift - each one is totally appreciated.!
But now this means when I can use them in the future, it will be just like opening them for the first time - which will be exciting also!

So now I give you our life this next year all packed up in Rubbermaid Totes!

These contents consisted of a crock pot, coffee maker, boot dryer, towels, cook books, etc. 
I figured if there was something I needed to bring to AK, it would be a crock pot.  This way I can attempt to cook Josh's wild game.
Along with the bigger contents of the first picture, we also decided to ship some food in case
we have no idea what we are doing when we actually get to Newtok.
Gift cards we got from our wedding proved to be a life saver! We had a bunch from Menard's we could not use in Alaska so this is what we purchased - I had no idea you could grocery shop there!
Side note: Anything we purchased we made sure we did not have to have milk.  Not sure how often we will have it!

 After we organized/packed/crammed everything in the tubs, Joshua drilled holes in the sides to zip tie together -
making for a more secure flight to AK!

After we zip tied them, we put our address as the label and took them to the post office!

We shipped them last Monday and by that Friday, they had already made it - took us by surprise.. I guess priority does work!

As you can see, figuring out what a couple needs for the next year can be a bit tricky - and like I said, this was just the first round.  Keep watching for Packing Day Two (I'll wait for the Yupik word until the actual post!)



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