August 3, 2013

We have arrived!

The Hall's have arrived!
After almost 11 hours of traveling, we finally arrived in Anchorage!
Our first view of Alaska's mountains!
Our first full day in Anchorage was super busy! We knew today would be a day full of errands and getting things accomplished. But before that, we decided to make a pit stop.
Ted and Leslie, a couple from my hometown, are nice enough to open their home to us as we stay in Anchorage for three days.  Before our day started, Leslie took us to Flat Top Mountain to see the view of the entire city of Anchorage.  It was beautiful! We plan to hike it Sunday, but here are some pictures until then. 

After we left, we knew our day was just getting started.
First errand: new cell phones. We had to change our carrier to GCI, which is the only carrier that works in rural Alaska.. meaning new cell phone numbers.
If you would like our new numbers, you can contact me on here or message me on Facebook!
We met Kim and Betsy, two teachers who are also from Newtok, at GCI and they were nice enough to not only help us today, but all summer.  It was nice to finally meet them and talk to them in person!
Once we figured out our cell phones, we decided to eat lunch at a popular place in Anchorage called The Moose's Tooth.
It was a great restaurant with good beer (had to get our last one) and great pizza.

After lunch, we did a little more shopping.
Unfortunately, I don't think we will ever be done shipping supplies.  There is always something we forget!
Now, Joshua and I rented a car with a GPS and it was the best idea ever!
As we drove around Anchorage, I noticed these little shops that appear every so often.
It is just like Sno Cone in Southern IL, except it is Espresso shops in AK!
How cute right?!
Also, this is not a myth.  Alaska does not have sales tax! For everything we bought today, what the price tag said, that is how much it cost.  For example: a four pack of batteries...
Price says $3.99 = Total is $3.99.
Alaska is totally doing it right! No need to round a few more cents in your head.. there's no need!
Our first day in Alaska has been great! Ted and Leslie cooked us a great steak dinner for supper - probably one of the best we have ever had and quite possibly our last steak dinner for a long time.
But our adventure is just getting started.  I wanted to share what we did today and the little things we saw.  Tomorrow we are headed to Seward, Alaska for a mini roadtrip to meet up with Andy and Jessica from McK.  Sounds like we will have a blast - I will be sure to take photos! 
Thank you for all your prayers as we made our journey up north! They were definitely heard and appreciated! Our time now in AK is why we even started this blog so keep watching for updates!

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