September 16, 2013

A Fun-Filled Weekend!

Friday night in Newtok was a happening place!
Finally, Joshua and I had date night!
Our night consisted of a great party and then a movie, popcorn, and soda! 
If you know Joshua and I then you know how much we loved going to the movies!

Miss Chloe celebrated her second birthday on Friday with Dora everything!
She had cupcakes with Dora, napkins with Dora, even goodie bags with Dora. 
Chloe celebrated with style! 

They had food and punch set out for everyone.. even a small ball pit for the little kids! All of the teachers showed up so we were surrounded with great people. But our Friday night was not over yet! Student Council hosted a movie night in the gym for Pre-K and up! 

They projected the movie onto the wall so it felt like a real movie theater!

This was a section on the floor right in front of the screen.  The students were ready to watch!

All day Friday I was joking around with my 5th/6th graders on who was going to buy me popcorn, who was going to sit by me, etc.  I show up to the movie night and one of my 5th graders had popcorn waiting for me...
I ended up giving him money back because I felt bad he bought me some! How sweet though!

So that was our Friday night! On Saturday, I had Saturday school so I was here for a good while using my time wisely! I got everything done I needed to, so Sunday was literally a day of rest for me! Joshua listened/watched football all weekend. How about those bears, eh?!

And to leave this post on an exciting note, we finally tried out our bread machine (Thanks Heather!) for the first time! It turned out perfect and bread has never tasted so yummy!

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