September 11, 2013

What We're Loving Wednesdays!

One of the best pieces of advice we received before we took off for Alaska was from my grandma Judy.  
Everyone knew how different this journey would be for us. When we first mentioned it to our families, their reactions were one of hesitation (naturally). But as the months hurried by, they eventually realized how excited we were.
Everyone wished us well and told us we would do amazing. (Families are great for making you feel the best about yourself.. am I right?!)
But what Grandma Judy said made total sense to us. 
"Laugh every single day."
A place is as good, or bad, as a person wants to make it. Joshua and I have definitely lived that statement more this month than we ever have. Plus, just being newlyweds adds on another layer of bliss/(sometimes) stress. It helps when I have someone so carefree, funny, and, dare I say, talkative as Josh for a husband for this grand adventure!
So we have taken to my grandmother's advice and we certainly have laughed every single day!

This post is different than my other ones.  I just wanted to share what they Hall's are enjoying  at this moment, and some things that are making us laugh each day!

  • I have shared this music video with some people already, and it just happened to be a random find, but this song is now sung on a regular basis in our humble abode. I am sorry in advance because you can't help but sing along!

  • Our new slippers we just got! Our floor gets cold, so instead of wearing socks (and wasting laundry time on the multitude of socks we wear in a week, we decided to get slippers! 
 How "Alaskan" do these look, right?

  • We are lovin'...that we are now able to watch a DVD on a regular TV screen, not just our lap top! We are still in the process of getting a DVD player, because the one we are using just works "occasionally".  We haven't had the best of luck, so when it works, it's a good day!
And, this means we had to rearrange our room. A little feng shui never hurt anyone!

  • I personally love this one. A fellow teacher plays an assortment of instruments. Joshua found out that she had a guitar. He recently asked to borrow it, so I have had the joy of listening to my husband sing and play. And let me tell ya.. he makes up the funniest songs!

  • Remember when I told you all how we eat pancakes every weekend (that should be in this list too btw!). Well, I forgot to mention my favorite thing about it.. our coffee mugs! We got these when we were in Anchorage, because obviously we needed an Alaskan mug to drink our Alaskan coffee in while we live in Alaska! 

  • My sweet mother and step-dad sent us a great care package yesterday. One with items that were much needed! 
 Tell me one person who doesn't need patriotic garland?!
 This, I am sure, is one way my mom laughed yesterday. She sends us a thing of oreo's, which is great because she definitely took pity on us when we complained about the price of oreo's here ($10), but follows it up with a People magazine about losing weight. Irony...
 This was probably my most favorite thing! For some reason, Joshua and I have been candle crazy, with just the one we have. We went through a huge, circle one (you know the ones I am talking about) in one month! I have never been through a candle ever.. and in one month went through the biggest one I've ever owned. We were in the process of ordering one off of Amazon when we got this one. You can just imagine the heavenly scent of Autumn leaves in our house now!

Every girl has lip gloss, but I'm sure not every girl has one that makes her breath smell fresh when she puts in on as well! SCOREEE! 

But she didn't just send items for us. She thought of my classroom as well!

My students will LOVE those dry erase markers and shapes!
So sweet! Love the warning at the bottom as well. Always looking out...
  • Last but not least, the sunsets in Newtok, Alaska.  I wish I could take a picture and it actually do the real thing justice. They are the most beautiful, most breathtaking sunsets we have ever seen! 

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