September 8, 2013

So many good things!

Both Joshua and I arrived safely back in Newtok yesterday afternoon.
Bethel was nice, but there is something about being home. (We are so thankful that Newtok has been so good to us that we really do refer to it as home after only a month!) 

Like I had mentioned before, Joshua was on the early flight back, and we (teachers) were on the 4 pm flight.  Now, flying to and from Bethel, I have only ever been on what they call a "charter". Someone schedules a pilot and a plane.  The plane is usually an 8 or 9 seater.  Which if I were still in Illinois, I would think that was small.

Yesterday, I had my first experience on a four  seater plane.  I say four seater, but I am sure a pilot could fit six, if there was no luggage.  We had the whole back of the plane filled with it. Going to Bethel means grocery shopping. People usually bring one huge suitcase for groceries alone!

Josh has flown on a small plane like this before when he was headed to Bethel (we were on different flights then as well). But this was my first time!
And it was a surprise to us that we were to fly on this small 207 plane. We thought we would have a bigger one, but since it was a direct flight to Newtok, we changed to a 207. The 207 was so small that we had too much weight for it. One person had to stay back for the next flight (it left 30 minutes after us.. so not too bad), or a main portion of our luggage had to stay behind and they would freight it to us, which was extra cost to us. Luckily, one teacher offered to stay behind, so all was well.

My first initial shock was walking out of the airport, towards the small plane. I have rode in cars that were bigger than this plane! Then my second shock happened when I got chosen to sit in the seat right beside the pilot. I look straight ahead and I have the whole control panel in front of me, the "steering wheel" ( I do not know the correct name for it.. sorry!), and if I stretched out my feet, I would hit the pedals that took up space down there! I do not know if I felt safer or more fearful for my life! 

I have never prayed more fervently in my life I don't think than in that entire 45 minute flight.

But obviously, we did make it safely! Thankfully, I did not have to take control of the plane.  I was joking with the pilot before we took off, because you know, stress humor!, and told him that nothing better happen to where I have to control the plane. haha! He looked at me and said, "Well ya never know what could... well, I'll just stop there." haha? 
We landed and nothing of that conversation has to matter anymore, because we made it home!

 So excited to be on solid ground!

Throughout the flight, I did not have my phone out to take any pictures. Luckily, a teacher, Matt, took these photos to show you what we see on that 45 minute flight to Newtok.  It really is the coolest thing...Especially yesterday when the sun was shining and it was a warmer day!

And I feel like you have made a huge leap in your marriage when your husband chooses to watch football over anything else. That is what I faced for the first time yesterday. Notre Dame was playing and instead of Joshua coming to wait at the airport or help with our luggage, he was at the school watching the game on his computer. No worries that his wife was on a 207 plane flying in the bush of Alaska! 
I may or may not be a little dramatic/joking in this paragraph and it really wasn't a big deal at all. Just thought it was funny to share! Football is still a priority even if a husband lives in the bush with no internet at the house. So ladies, don't think moving to rural Alaska will help with that :)

When we got back to our place, it seriously felt like Christmas Day, not September 8th.  Along with all of our Amazon order, we got so many care packages and cards in the mail!  

 Josh was really pleased that this came in.
The main thing I've wanted finally came! This will now help us save on sugar and milk, and taste extra yummy!

Our first care package was from Josh's dad and step-mom.  Josh needed some dress clothes but they snuck a few goodies in there as well! John knows Joshua so well that he stuffed his dress shoes with fruit snacks!

This next care package is from the Brooks' family who live up north by Josh's mom and step-dad. This was jammed packed with items like peanut butter, individual rice meals, cheese, candy, and games! I had to take a picture of all the games she sent us! My favorite is the handheld putt-putt game! Along with all this, she sent us some fridge art:
so cute!

The next care package came from Leigh who went to school in Mt. Carmel, but actually lives in North Pole, Alaska now. Joshua definitely appreciates what she sent us... 

So the Hall's definitely feel loved and now cramped! When we have this blessing of too much food, it can make out house seem extra tiny! 

 You all definitely know how to make a newlywed couple feel loved! Even in today's mail we got some "thinking of you" cards from Grandma Judy and a beautiful card from the King's family up north. 
One thing we definitely are excited about is being part of Harry and David's fruit of the month club! We just got a card in the mail for it! My lovely mother, step-dad, and grandma got this gift for us. We cannot wait for the fresh, not-from-a-can goodness that this will give us!!!

This means that any day now we will have peaches and nectarines! YUMMMM!!!

Life is good!

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  1. Emily, your posts are precious, just like you are. I'm so glad you are doing well and spirits are high! Can't wait for Josh's next big adventure - hope its Moose or Caribou or Bear.
    Keep us posted. You have a lot of people who love you both.
    Love you and proud of you!