September 1, 2013

Tastebud Heaven

This weekend, Joshua and I had the pleasure of trying a few different things that we would not be able to if we hadn't moved to Newtok, AK. 

Two main things were Eskimo Ice Cream and Tundra Tea ( I had mentioned Tundra Tea in this post.) The third thing was a recipe Josh found using the fresh Salmon he had caught in this post!

We had heard about akutaq (pronounce it like a-goo-duck!) - Eskimo Ice Cream - from almost everyone when we arrived.  My students love eating it.  Akutaq is the Yupik word meaning "mix them together".  They mainly make akutaq with the fresh berries they pick all summer.  Akutaq is not like the ice cream in the lower 48.  It is a mixture between berries, sugar, and Crisco.  They love Crisco and can handle eating it by itself.  Sometimes, I will see students eating Crisco with a piece of Pilot Bread, just by itself, almost like butter.
My principal, Grant, brought us some akutaq that his wife, Sarah, had made.  They had the best blackberries in it. 

 Josh's first time trying it!
 Matt has tried this before.
Matthew's first time as well!

Later that night, Joshua decided to look up a great recipe for the fresh salmon he had caught.  Those two fish made four suppers for us, and we still have two left! We have been trying to come up with different recipes so we don't get sick of the 'fish' taste salmon can sometimes have.  The first time we just made lemon pepper salmon. 

We are kind of limited with the ingredients we have, but he found a great one that included maple syrup, mustard, and pineapple -such weird ingredients to have, but we did
Here is the link to the recipe: 

We made it with white rice and had green beans on the side.  It was fantastic!

Today, Sunday, Joshua and I decided to take a little hike just to get out of the house even though it was a little gloomy today.  
As we were walking, we decided to get some Tundra Tea to make when we got back to the house.  Another teacher had it at the staff meeting on Friday, so we thought we would try it.  It tastes like Christmas! Such a cool thing to have something organic like this in our backyard!

Gloomy day in the tundra! Normally, you can see the mountains across the river.

 Guess this will have to take the place of the drinks I sometimes get at Starbucks! I am really going to miss my usual pumpkin spice frap! (Alex, drink a few for me:))!

Just to have a good laugh, Josh was trying to make it seem like the wind was super strong and hard to walk.  Although it was windy today and the winds can get super strong in the winter, it was not that bad today and my hubs is just a goof!

And on a happy note, Joshua and I are leaving for Bethel Monday with the other teachers for a whole week! That means a whole week of tv, internet, a shower in our actual room, and a few choices of take out if we want it! The Hall's will be living large!

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