November 26, 2013

Change of plans

When an opportunity presents itself… you pray about it, try to make the best decision, and in our case, go for it!

I have been hinting that Joshua and I have been making some big decisions for us here lately. And since it is happening this Friday, I thought I would share what is going on in our little household. 
Joshua is moving to Seward. 
Yes, this Friday.

He had been looking for job opportunities and in September, this one in Seward happened to come up. He applied, not really thinking that it would happen this soon. But it did.
So, Joshua is now a correctional officer at Spring Creek Correctional Center in Seward, AK.
Spring Creek is a maximum security prison - I believe the only one in Alaska.
To read more about it, click here

^^ A picture of Spring Creek Correctional Center

So with this new opportunity, came a ton of stress all at once.
Here we are, use to the easy living of village life, and all of a sudden, we are thrown into finding our own apartment, finding a car, finding furniture, trying to budget, adding up what will be our new bills, etc. 
We had it pretty easy here what with no gas bill, no car insurance, no cable, no internet…
But all that is changing!

That is the reason for the move on Friday. Joshua doesn't start work until December 12th, but since our lease for our new house starts the 1st, we thought it would be smart for him to go to Anchorage early and try to find everything we need.

Joshua having a new job in Seward now means that I will be by myself in Newtok
all. next. semester.
Luckily, I do have a three week break for the holidays starting December 13th, so I will be in Seward from then until January 4th. 
But I will say this.. I'm sure it'll be so nice to finally have a regular toilet and a shower in our house!
Then come May, I will move to Seward to live with Joshua. At the rate we are going, who knows where we will be by that time!

So let me introduce to you our (mainly Joshua's) new home, Seward, Alaska:

It is a town of 3,016 on the Kenai Peninsula.
The town was actually named after William H. Seward, who was the United States Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson.
Seward has a huge tourism industry since it is on the coast. Cruise ships often stop in Seward.

Here are some pictures of Seward:

As you can see, Seward is definitely beautiful. And it's only two hours from Anchorage!
Meaning.. you can get there by roads and cars!!!

House hunting was a lot more stressful than I always thought it would be. You imagine yourself, newly married, finding your first home together in what you assume to be a blissful state.
The whole time, Joshua and I were adding up and calculating if we could afford places.
 By affording, I mean if we could save a huge chunk of money while also living in our house.
Our number one goal is to pay off student loans as quickly as possible. Oh, the joy of loans!
But we finally found (and agreed) upon a house. It is about 15 minutes from town. We are located in what is considered Bear Creek. Apparently it's known for it's bear population.
We have a glacier fed river behind our house and also, wait for it… trees!

Here are a few pictures:

^^ It is just being built, which is cool since we will be the first people to live in it!
^^ What are all those appliances?! I'm not use to having them in my house!
 ^^ Look outside the window.. TREES!
 ^^ Yes, there are separate rooms in this house.
^^ Such a nice kitchen!
^^ And a loft, meaning we can finally have visitors! 
So if you want to come for a visit, just ask!

So our plans go as follows:

+ Joshua leaves Friday.
+ I will arrive in Seward on the 13th.
+ I will leave Seward on Jan. 4th.
+Joshua will hold down this fort until May, where I will finally be able to live with him again.
Because we aren't from the same hometown, Joshua and I always counted down till our wedding because then we knew we would never live apart from each other. We were wrong. Now it's just 5 more months, right?!

So please keep us in your prayers that we will find comfort in our decision when we are finally apart from one another!


  1. Hey I live in Alaska too! It's so fun reading your blog especially living in the same state! xoxo

  2. Matt & I call dibs on the loft!! Miss you guys!