November 22, 2013

it's a.. BOY!

Joshua and I are extremely blessed with how many nieces and nephews we have.
We have a beautiful niece, Lydia, two nephews who were born a month apart two summers ago, James and Colby, and one newborn nephew, Matthew, that was just born this month that we haven't even been able to meet yet!

Last night, we had the pleasure of attending (by Skype) my sister's reveal party! 
Seriously, Skype is the best thing. We really felt like we were right there!
She called over the whole family and had a package that was wrapped in pink and blue so that when James opened it, it had a onesie that would reveal the gender of the new baby! 

I've never been to a revealing party so this was a fun idea!

My sister tallied everyone's votes on what they thought it was.
7 said a girl and only 4 said a boy.
Joshua voted girl - I voted boy.

She told me two days ago that she was having a reveal party. No matter how much I tried to get it out of her, she would never budge!
Like who am I going to tell up here?!

During the students' Mountain Math time, I asked both classes what they thought my sister was having. My 6th graders said boy and my fifth graders said a girl. Even my classes were split up. 
Mind you, students love to talk about babies, or at least mine do. The conversation then turned to whether I was going to take this one since Alex already had another baby and even when Joshua and I were going to have one together. I had to quickly shut the conversation down!

So at 4:15 Alaska time, 7:15 Illinois time, we Skyped with the family and found out the gender of our newest addition! 
Skype kept freezing up right before they were going to announce it, but luckily it was fine at the right moment! 
James and Alex opened the gift then pulled out a BLUE onesie!
It's a BOY!!

I so knew it!

It's weird how I haven't seen Alex at all during this pregnancy. I won't even meet Baby #2 until a month or so after he is born.
That's one of the bad things of living 4,000 miles away!
It'll just make it that much more exciting right when we can finally see him?!

^^ But if he is anything like this little guy, he sure will be sweet!

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