November 20, 2013


It's beginning to look a lot like…. Alaska!
I was going to say Christmas, but since it's not even Thanksgiving yet, I thought I would save that for later.

The temperature is dropping, the snow is falling (and staying), and the clothes are getting warmer!
You can barely see it, but the water that dripped off of our spout completely froze to the desk. We can't leave our extra water in the arctic room anymore!

And, even more of the ice pack is moving in!
Take a look at these awesome pictures hubs took the other morning. You can see the beautiful sunrise, plus more of the ice pack!

So,I thought I would take this post to tell you how the Hall's are preparing for winter!

+ Flannel sheets
We just got the best flannel sheets from L.L. Bean. They are so nice and comfy, I would recommend them to anyone!

+ New winter gear
Joshua basically had all of his winter gear already (since he is from northern IL), but I just got my new coat and boots. The coat is also from L.L. Bean and my boots are from Sorel.
Note: We had to make sure our winter gear went down to -40 degrees. Crazy!

And don't forget the ski goggles! They have here what is called "white-outs". That's where the snow is blowing so much you can't see your hand even if its just mere inches from your face. Snow goggles help with visibility and keeping your eyes safe in this kind of weather.

+ Stocking up
In my Top Ten, I have listed I wanted to learn how to order for a month's supply of food and everything else. This is important for the winter months, especially when we come back from Christmas Break. Apparently, planes don't fly in weeks at a time because of the weather! You better have a supply of food in case that happens!
So we have stocked up on noodles and sauce, rice, meat (thanks to my awesome moose-hunting husband!), tortillas, and sauce packets. We should be okay for the most part!
Also, anyone that has sent us a care package, your items have helped us out tremendously! We thank you!
We will also do some more stocking up over Christmas Break and send it back with us.

+ Heating up
A few weeks ago, Joshua insulated our incinolet room. A few of the men from school also looked at our incinolet room in warning that it can be very cold very soon. Well that time has come! That room is one of the chilliest I have ever felt.. even with the insulation! So what did we do? We put a small, personal heater in the room so we don't freeze our buns off… literally!

I believe winter has come and set in. Today it was 4 degrees with a wind chill of -20.
No doubt we will have a White Christmas!
(I couldn't resist referencing Christmas this time!)

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