November 18, 2013

Pranked.. again!

If Newtok's teachers do not have the reputation of pranksters… they will now!
We got pranked again this weekend. You can read about our first time here.

Joshua and I were having a nice night inside our warm little house when Kevin calls us and tells us that the Northern Lights were outside. I could hear Joshua say "No way!" and shuffling around the house getting his boots on. Then, he stops. I can hear him say that if they were out, Grant would have called us first and not just texted Kevin. 
Grant is really great at letting us know about stuff like that. It's like he knows I want to take pictures or something:)
Right then I knew something was up. 

We then hear a "knock, knock, knock" on our door and Joshua and I just freeze. 
I'm thinking to myself, "Should we open it? Is it going to be an ambush?"
So Joshua sneaks into the arctic room and slowly opens the door.  
(We are both hiding behind our own doors, he is behind the arctic room's door and I'm behind the regular door, in case of water balloons or snow balls. You never know what could come flying at your face!)
And what do we find when we finally look out? 
Our entire steps toilet papered! 
The best part, they included our old incinolet in the prank. They tp'd that as well!

I feel like we are back in IL during Halloween!

They even got fancy and melted chocolate and put it on our arctic door lock. And now, of course, it is frozen chocolate!

What a fun group of people we live with! And when someone tp's your steps and your old incinolet (because I know that happens to soo many people) you just gotta roll with it.. obviously...

So you know Joshua and I have been scheming ever since then to get Kim and Kevin back.
We are going to get them good!
The next night, some students tried to tp our house again and Kevin's. We have yet to figure out exactly who though…)

Luckily, Kim got this whole thing on video.
Here is the link: Revenge Will Happen!


  1. Remember ... But don't tell them ... It's easy to clean up! Just burn it! The Tp will burn faster than anything else so no chance of catching your steps on fire! :) Happy Pranking!!

  2. How funny,I'm so glad you are having a great year!!!