December 5, 2013

Holy Moly

... I only have one more week (okay.. tomorrow is one more week.. so almost!) until I get on a plane and will finally be with Joshua!
I will finally be able to see our house, ride in our new truck, and finally use a bathroom/shower inside my house.
Let me tell you.. I will definitely have a new found appreciation for all of these appliances.

But Joshua has been in Seward for almost a week now. Every time I talk to him, he always says "Oh man, you should see the house!" or "Oh my, Seward is beautiful. Just wait till you see it!"
And every time he does this, I immediately shut him down. I do not want to hear about how great it is that he gets to hop in a vehicle, how beautiful the trees are outside our window, or how awesome it is that there are actually fresh fruits and veggies, bread, and inexpensive nuts when you walk in the store.
Side note: Joshua, I don't think, has ever said "Oh man!" or "Oh my!" - that was put there for a more dramatic effect. You're welcome.
But in all seriousness, I  really am excited to finally see the new house! I just don't want to hear about it quite yet.

Also, I am happy to announce that I have finally found my routine living in the village by myself… especially concerning laundry and hauling water.
The five gallon jug was just too heavy for me to carry, so we collected juice jugs (4 of them) and I tie them with a rope. And that is my new water hauling system!
I can last two days on these four jugs which I feel is pretty good. Joshua was proud of me:)

Newtok is not the same when Joshua isn't here, and that is to be expected. But this was the best week for him to leave, because I am swamped with it being the last few weeks of the quarter/semester. I have never done so much grading in my life.
Those weeks before I was just trying to spend as much time as I could with Joshua before he left.. can ya blame me?!

Luckily, the other teachers and I have spent a lot of time together. For instance, tonight we made moose tacos and are currently watching The Sound of Music Live!

This past weekend we had an all girls weekend watching movies, pigging out, and painting nails.

Paula has this cool nail stamp thing that we used. Or maybe I should say Paula and Betsy used. I could not get it to work and make it look good for anything. So I just painted mine red. The other's turned out really well though!

^^ Before
^^ After. 
Cool, right?!

And it seems like when a bunch of us are together, The Game of Things is always a big hit. This game is hilarious with a big group of people. You definitely learn things about people playing this game. I have never laughed so much than I have playing this game. I recommend it for sure!

The countdown is on for next Friday. I hope this coming week goes by fast!

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