December 9, 2013

'Tis the Season

Like my students say.. only four more sleeps until I see Joshua!

Until then, I have a novel to finish with my Jr. High class, a narrative to finish with my 5th/6th graders, and three tests to give before I get on that plane Friday. Can you say busy, busy, busy?! (As you can guess, all my students just love me for making this a busy week right before break!)

But it is the beginning of the holiday season, so yesterday, Newtok Ayaprun School had their Christmas staff party. Yay, my first staff party!
There was a ton of good food, good music, and great company.

 This was at the beginning of the party when not everyone had showed up.

Delicious food!

We even had a fire going…

After the party, we played Dirty Santa. For this, everyone brought a Christmas gift to exchange. This can be really intense if you get a gift that you really don't want someone to steal. ** cough, cough, Naomi!
For my gift, I gave something that everyone loves, an Amazon gift card. And even went all fancy and wrapped it… in construction paper. I know, I like to go all out.

But the Dirty Santa ended up with everyone getting a gift they liked.
 Paula with her movie.
Kim with her yo-yo.
Betsy, Matt, and Henry with their gifts.
Betsy's purse. Isn't that the cutest? Grant got it at the cultural center in Bethel.

And my super, awesome gift filled with laundry supplies. To some this may be lame, but I was extremely excited to get this. It actually got stolen from me ** cough, cough Naomi but I stole it back. I was on a mission!

'Tis the season!

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