December 10, 2013

Latergram for a blog...

Can I even do that?! Do I really know how?!
If you know me, I have never had instagram… nor do I plan to.
It's been fought over a handful of time with my best friends...
But now that I'm out here, it's not really a problem :)

But I figured that was a good title for this blog post considering it happened two weeks ago… when Joshua was even here.
{btw… that is what a latergram is, right?! 
Something that happened a day or two ago and you 
decide to instagram it now "on the line". 
^^ Bonus points for whoever can name that movie!}

Anywho… obviously living in the bush, you have to prepare yourself for the kinds of foods you may get asked to taste/try/eat.
I have been really proud of myself with everything I've tried.
I haven't even said no, yet!

Grant calls me two weeks ago.. pretty sure it was the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving… and asked us if we wanted to try lush fish.
And it just so happened that Joshua got a frozen lush fish a day before that by one of his friends, so I was contemplating how to cook it.
When Joshua was here, every time I walked in that arctic room, I didn't know what to expect!

So we head over to Grant's house, not really aware of what we were going to try. Or so I thought
Grant asks us if we have ever heard of it before. I shook my head no, but then Joshua goes on a 10 minute ramble of how they call it the "poor man's lobster" and this and that down in the lower 48. For some reason, this really surprised me that Joshua knew so much about this kind of fish. Not surprised that he talked for that long.. if you know Joshua, 10 minutes is nothing for him :)

So it turns out, lush fish, or "poor man's lobster", or all the other 53298039248 names Joshua called it is really quite good.
Sarah told us that you just boil the entire fish for maybe 10 minutes then its Bon Appetit!

 Here are the other parts of the fish. Grant and Sarah love the head of the fish. It's custom for them to smash the head in the bowl, and eat it all together. I don't think they wanted to share their favorite part with us! (I didn't mind)
 The picture above is the liver of the lush fish. This is a favorite among their children, and I can taste why. It was by far my favorite part.
And this blurry picture shows the boiled eggs of the fish. Now I've tried raw eggs from white fish in a previous post, so eggs boiled didn't really scare me. This was probably my second favorite part of the fish.

Natives are the non-pickiest eaters I have ever seen in my entire life. When I say they eat everything, they literally eat everything. I don't know why I am so surprised every time they ask me to try something I think is strange. Never fails, though - just like this time, when Sarah offered for me to try the intestines of the fish. (You can see the intestines on the left side of the top photo). 
Lush fish intestines weren't that bad. I've definitely had worse things. They were a little tough compared to the other parts of the fish, but all in all, not bad.

We actually ended up not cooking our fish. The rest of the week flew by, and before we knew it, the week had gone, and Joshua was leaving. We ended up giving it to the neighboring teachers, who I know boiled and liked it, so it was a win-win for everyone.

Throughout our food tasting experiences, we both have come to the conclusion that I am definitely more adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. Joshua will try them, only if I beg and shove it in his face most of the time. When in Rome!

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