December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Alaska!

Can you believe Christmas is already here?!
This whole year has just been so great, but has flown by! (I hear the older you get, the faster it goes!)

The Hall's are enjoying themselves this holiday season, even though we wish we were back home with our families. No worries, we have tried to Skype with them all today - and tomorrow we will do the same.

Well, it's Christmas Eve, the fire is going, the Party Chex Mix is made, and the breakfast casserole is all ready to go for tomorrow's breakfast. I hope everyone enjoys this precious holiday by stuffing themselves silly, being with the ones you love, and remembering what the season is all about!

And for some Christmas cheer, I thought I would include some pictures of how we got into the holiday spirit this year. But trust me, next year when I'm here more than a week before Christmas, there will be more decor!
So grab some tea (have I mentioned lately how much Joshua and I enjoy hot tea?! Try this to really get into the mood - Winter Spice - you won't regret it!)

Put on some good Christmas music - Kelly Clarkson's new Christmas Album "Wrapped in Red" is amazing. Here is a sample: Baby, It's Cold Outside. And, we hope everyone has a great Christmas!

I love free Christmas decorations! Because of our time crunch before Christmas (and moving expenses), we got on a "yard" sale Facebook page located in Seward. People are always looking to help other people out. We got some Christmas decorations for free.. and this shiny garland and Christmas sign were a product of her generosity. I would suggest you look for a page like that one near your hometown!

 These were actually a Christmas gift from my mother that she sent up. Don't worry.. we only opened three tonight - going to save the rest for tomorrow morning! Too cute, right?! She always comes up with the most clever clues on her packages. This one read, "Can you believe I found these in IL?" Who knew!
The rest of our presents! We I really wanted a real tree this year, but time didn't allow for us to go out and choose one. So the presents are randomly sitting on our floor… Oh well!

Add more garland and a cute Merry Christmas banner and you have a rockin' eating nook! P.S. notice our new kitchen table!

And my most favorite part - our stockings!

 My mom and grandma sent these embroidered stockings filled in the mail.

And as a reminder to us in our household for the real reason for this wonderful season: 

 Sorry for the bad writing! It's Christmas break….

And it's no Christmas Eve until you have all the goodies out to snack on alllll day.

 These delicious baked goods were sent up from Mrs. Weir and her family. We were so appreciative that she thought of us! As you can tell Darlene, we rreeaalllyyy liked them! And I made sure not to open them until Christmas Eve to get the full pleasure of them. Thanks so much!

And just like every Christmas Eve with my mom, Party Chex Mix is a must!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas day tomorrow! If you are gifted-out, pants-unbuttoned stuffed, and laying around the house trying to find something on t.v., I would suggest the movie "Christmas with a Capital C". The movie was actually filmed in Seward, so you will be able to see our new town!
Fair warning: The movie may be a little cheesy - but what Christmas movie isn't?!

Merry Christmas!!

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