December 15, 2013

Start of Christmas Break

Well, I definitely learned that Mother Nature does not always follow your plans.
I flew in Anchorage Friday night, and finally got to Seward more than 24 hours later.
Leaving Newtok, the weather was fine. The wind was a bit bad, but like my post said, there was no snow. It was the complete opposite in Anchorage - snow everywhere!
So because of that, Old Seward Highway was a little iffy to drive. We decided to be "better safe, than sorry" and that Joshua should just come get me the next night. Thankfully, Betsy was great and I got to hang with her and Buggins all Saturday.

So Saturday around three, Jessica texted me and told me that Andy was in Anchorage and coming back Saturday night from the state wrestling match and that if I wanted, I could just hitch a ride with them so Joshua could save the trip and money. 
Andy and Jess went to the same college as Joshua and me. If you look back in my August posts, we drove down to Seward for a day and hung out with them. That's when we fell in love with this place.

So of course I went for it. Why would I want Joshua to drive two hours to come get me and two hours back after he just worked a 12 hour shift?! So around 6:30, Betsy dropped me off at ACS where I was now watching the ending to the Alaska State Wrestling meet.
I have never, ever been to a wrestling match. And now I found myself at the Alaska State Wrestling meet. Life is funny sometimes.
It was actually interesting, even though I have no idea about wrestling. The only team I knew there was Bethel and I sometimes found myself clapping for them, even though they were Seward's competition. I was a confused fan!
Fortunately, the coach's wife drove down separate so I didn't actually have to ride back in the school bus with the team - like I had originally thought.

So finally, around 10:30, after a twenty-four wait in Anchorage and a two hour drive back to Seward, I was reunited with Joshua! 
I finally saw our new house and it is perfect! Very cute and homey.. It'll be even more when we finally have all our wedding gifts!
When we moved to Newtok, we decided that we should hold on shipping them up because we didn't know where we would be. So when Joshua got this house, my awesome mother sent everything up here. We will be getting them tomorrow! It'll finally feel like our home.. not just a house!

So my first full day in Seward was today. We decided to sleep in, but eventually got up and found a restaurant called the Train Rec to eat. On Sunday's, it has breakfast only all day. Perfect!
Since I rode to Seward during the night, I couldn't see any mountains or snow covered trees. Today was ridiculously beautiful.

Joshua decided later to drive me to the prison so I could see where he actually works. I didn't take a picture of the prison, but it is stuck literally between two mountains and has a glacier in-between. It is breathtaking. I did take some photos of the drive there though.
 ^^ This picture is across the way from Seward on Resurrection Bay.

Joshua and I definitely found a great place that is out of town. This makes the scenery that much prettier. These are photos that is on the drive to our house.

Isn't God amazing?! That was my first thought when I got in the car and started to drive to town. I also said a prayer that I would never stop appreciating this wonderful life Jesus gave to Joshua and I. We have been truly blessed with all the opportunities we have had in just 6 months! 
And if these pics doesn't make you want to come visit Joshua and I, then I don't know how to help you!

But of course, Joshua and I had to bring a little Christmas cheer to our new house. I feel like this is pretty great for only being here for one day!

And I'm so lucky that I got to be here for Josh's first shift as the new correctional officer! He has been going for two days now, but that has been only paperwork and getting introduced to everything. This marks his first real day on the job! What a stud...

You know you live in Alaska when they have to give you a warm coat and sock hat as your uniform!


  1. Love your new place! Beautiful views on the drive - it's like over the river and through the woods. And Josh, well, you just have to admire a man in a uniform! Emily, sent you some homemade Christmas Goodies today to your new address, since you both are there together for now. Be looking for them.

  2. Thanks for thinking of us Darlene! Hope you and your family have a great holiday!

  3. I love the three food groups in "Elf". 'Candy canes, candy corn and syrup.' Beautiful pictures! Have a Merry Christmas!