January 22, 2014

Once Again.

Once again I find myself in Bethel, Alaska.
I definitely understand why they call Bethel a "hub" city.

I, along with five other teachers and the principal, flew in today after school.
We are headed to Anchorage tomorrow for an RTI conference this weekend.

Speaking of RTI - here is a joke:
"Why does the principal keep talking to me about having more "arty eye"?
 I teach reading, not art!"
Only my fellow teachers will get it.. I hope. 

That means I get to miss three days of school! Yayyyy.
Which also means I had to come up with three days worth of lesson plans! Ughhh.
Being a first year teacher and all, I haven't had to do that many sub plans. 
I've only taken one day off this year because I was sick - and that was Friday - a half day - so it didn't really count.
Let me tell you… it takes more work to figure out sub plans than actual lesson plans I do on a normal day! 
Even though I'm not sick this weekend, this is how I felt preparing for it:

But I have a good feeling about this conference, and I'm sure all of you are just dying to know what I learned from it, so this is a "to be continued" post. 

Until then, I found a cool video that has to do with the cab business here in Bethel.
You can check out my previous blog about Bethel here.
In this post, I talked about how Bethel has the most cabs per capita in the nation.
This video has been circulating my Facebook feed and I thought it gave some good insight on the cab business out here. It also gives you a chance to see around Bethel - a place that I visit more frequently than I wish!
The link to the video is: I am a Bethel Cab Driver

Fingers crossed we have good weather for this trip. This year already I am two for two for weather holds. Let's pray it doesn't happen this week so I don't have to finish next week's lesson plans in the airport!

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