January 15, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Life has been so good lately!
I'm sure all of you are probably tired of me saying that since I never blog about my bad days.
I just know no one wants to hear about them! ha…ha.
But really, life is getting back to normal finally. 
Isn't it awesome that I find my "normal" life so great!
I hope all of you can say that!
That just seems to be the worst thing imaginable - not enjoying the life you are living!

But really, I think I am so content and happy with my life because I am now hooked on the show "24". Every time something that I think 'bad' happens in my life, I think to myself, "Man, at least I'm not having a day like Jack Bauer." I'm serious.. that thought really does go through my head.

So, in honor of the life I am living, I would like to show you the things I am loving right now!

>> These wonderful and bright clothing items that my mom got me for Christmas. Apparently, she either thought my wardrobe needed a makeover (which maybe it did) or she knew I needed to brighten up these drab, Alaskan winter days!

The famous "I need to take a picture of this awesome scarf for my blog, but I don't know how to position my camera or what to do with my face" pose. ^^
Also, wearing this scarf, my Jr. High kids gave me a compliment.. I think? I walked into Reading class, and as soon as I sat my stuff down, I hear, "Emily, you look like a mom." 
Whoever understands Jr. High students, please tell me what this meant...

>> This adorable necklace I just ordered as a birthday gift "from" Josh. I didn't get my name, but I got the heart in location of Newtok - our first Alaskan home!

>> I found the cutest Macbook decal sticker. I am going to order this soon to really make my computer adorbs.

>> I have just ordered some of these so I can learn to knit some socks! Look how pretty these patterns can turn out. (I say can because I'm not sure they exactly will!) Hopefully I am able to get the hang of knitting and like doing it, because I ordered two patterns each for Joshua and I… may or may not have gone a little overboard. I even made a new board on Pinterest called -are you ready for this?!- "The Knitty Gritty".
Clever, I know!

>> The way these kids' notes made me LOL - literally! I hope my future kids' letters are as great as these!

>> How great today's Math lesson went! We learned a new way to divide (Everyday Mathematics - Partial Quotients Method) and I was so nervous about it. They get really intimidated when it comes to division. Who didn't when you were new at it?? But my students actually loved it! Even my "energetic" students were engaged and said, and I quote, "This is fun. I don't want to stop!" 
Has anything more glorious ever came out of a student's mouth?!

>> Meatloaf. I am a huge lover of meatloaf. When Joshua and I first were starting to get to know each other, the favorite questions came up - such as favorite color, favorite music, etc. When he asked my favorite food, I obviously answered honestly and said meatloaf. He thought I was the strangest person ever.  He still talks about it. He says I should be glad he was so smitten with me, because with that answer, no one else would have married me. 
I am who I am...
Anyways, I was looking for a great recipe with really simple ingredients that I could easily find/store out here and I did!
Found it. Tried it. Loved it!
Click here for meatloaf made easy!

>> This pattern I got over Christmas break for my new quaspec.

>> This past weekend I ordered my bridesmaids dress for my best friend's wedding in this color! Soooo pretty, right?! Can't wait to come home in June to celebrate with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson! 

 >> This past Sunday, she won a Golden Globe for this TV show!

>> And this verse.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Glad to hear you are doing well! Speaking of 24, Thomas and I watched every episode of every season. We loved it. And finally finished about a month or two ago! I think we even started watching it together the weekends before we got married! It'll get ya hooked.