March 28, 2014

Friday Fun

Testing, even for practice, is stressful. 
Stressful on students and for teachers.
We have been practice testing nonstop and I could tell my kiddos were getting tired of it.
So for a fun Friday activity, we decided to dance - Eskimo dance, that is.

When we have dancing at the school, I can always count on a handful of students to get up and dance - even if older students are present. But most of my students are shy and won't get up there.
Well today, I decided just to have it us (and the preschoolers) in the gym so all my students could participate.
'Cuz what better way of loosening up and shaking away the stress than by dancing?!

It took them a bit to get going, especially the boys on the drums. I think they were nervous they didn't know the words and they had to sing in front of people.
But they got the hang of it and we enjoyed 45 minutes of Eskimo dancing and time away from the classroom.

And of course, I had to try.
All my students love to laugh when I go up and dance, because you know… I'm white and everything.
It is still fun to try to keep up with them and have them teach me something.

 ^^ Notice me in the back corner in the green. I actually look like I'm doing what everyone else is...
Because usually I'm a step behind!

Sorry for the blurriness! My camera is outdated where if something is moving, it doesn't focus. 
Might need to invest in a new one, eh hubs?!

We actually had a great time doing this together. Of course, we had to tell a few kids to stop messing around and participate, but for the most part, they did really well.

And to end such a good afternoon, group shots! 

My Yupik teacher, Georgianna, and our 5th/6th grade class:

 Betsy and her Kinders!

NYO - Native Youth Olympics - have started up again.
I'm super pumped about it.
It is amazing what these kids can do!
Today, I stopped in one of their practices just to see what my students are able to do.
I got sidetracked watching the high school boys.
We have some amazing athletes here in Newtok - girls and boys.
Even talking to some other teachers in other villages, they always mention how great Newtok's athletes are, especially at NYO.
I know I've written a post last fall about NYO, but since it started back up again, I thought I would refresh your memory with how totally awesome it is!

The toe kick:

It doesn't look like much, at least I didn't think so, when I saw Isaiah practicing.
Grant told me, as we were watching him practice, that he could jump over the length of my body, lightly tap that piece of wood back, and land with two feet together. 
At first I didn't believe him.
So Grant made me prove it.
Not really, but he did have the idea for me to lay down and see just how much further that stick was from my head. So I did…

Literally the most unflattering pose, I know. But it needed to be shown just how far this kid can jump and make that stick roll back, all while keeping his feet together and landing with perfect balance. 

Here is a YouTube video showing off this event: Toe Kick

Another kid who is amazing is Scott at the Alaskan High Kick.

I mean, look at that form - literally straight up and down!

Here is another YouTube video showing off the Alaskan High Kick: Alaskan High Kick

Hope everyone had a good Friday!

Also, shout out to my big sister, Alex, for having her last day of work before she becomes a stay at home mama with soon-to-be two boys!!
Can't wait for my new nephew to be born!

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