March 31, 2014

Happy Seward's Day!

Today is a special day - Seward's Day!

It is an official Alaskan holiday that lies on the last Monday in March to commemorate the signing of the Alaskan Purchase Treaty.
It is not to be confused with Alaska Day.

The holiday is named for Williams H. Seward, the then-Secretary of State, who helped negotiate the purchase from Russia.

Since half of the Hall family lives in Seward, and since Joshua got the day off, I thought it was best to show my appreciation to this fine holiday - one I am sure will be better recognized years to come if we stay in Seward.
Sidenote: Other places recognize Seward's Day - not just Seward - since it is an Alaskan holiday.
I just figured since Joshua lives in Seward, and I will too…eventually, what better way to recognize our new town??

For those of you not in Seward to celebrate (including me), here are a few pictures to help recognize this newly appreciated holiday with pretty pictures of Seward, AK:

And for those curious people about the holiday, here is a link that offers a tid bit of information about where people celebrate it, how they celebrate it, etc.

Happy Seward's Day!

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