March 18, 2014

Weekend with Hubs!

The unfortunate part of having time move so fast is that when your husband visits for four days, that does too!
Joshua arrived safely Friday afternoon. He got lucky that he was able to make it - if he had arrived later to Bethel, the flight would have been cancelled to Newtok and that would have made for one unhappy wife!
Buuuuuttt, we didn't have to worry about that.

>> Friday afternoon/evening.- Josh finally arrives. And it was his BIRTHDAYYY!!!
Now, there isn't much to do on your birthday in Newtok.
No going out, no date night, no nothing.
I mean… I didn't even get supplies to make him a birthday cake.
(I know what you are thinking… not a good first year wife!)
I couldn't even have brownies made until Josh arrived because I didn't have eggs and had to wait for him to bring me some! But no worries… they were made and were delicious!
So Friday evening was spent at home snuggling and catching up on life since it had been a month since we had last seen each other!

>> Saturday - This was a day of complete rest. We slept in until 11:30 - something I never get to do since I usually have Saturday School.
(I actually took Saturday off since Josh was here. My second Saturday in Newtok that I haven't had Saturday School… all year. And it was so nice!)
So Saturday consisted of us waking up late, then taking a 2 1/2 hour nap afterwards.
I'm telling ya… we were lazy!
Then Saturday night, the Portie/Simon household had us over for supper and dessert was a rainbow birthday cake with purple frosting for Joshua. 
They gave me a hard time for not having him a birthday cake that they made one! I'm not complaining - all the scrumptiousness without the mess of baking it:)
And no night is complete over there when Josh is in town without some board games!

>>Sunday - Sunday was a good day - made complete with a good cook out.
When Josh went on the moose hunt, we harvested some ribs. Well, Josh left and there was no way I was going to cook them myself, so when he came, I figured he could mess with them. We actually brought them over to Kevin's so he could marinate them overnight and he took care of the cooking. He marinated them in Italian dressing, cooked them all morning, then the last hour, pulled them out and poured coke over them. They were amazing! So delicious!

>>Monday - Teachers had an inservice all day at the school. Yet, it still felt like a three day weekend since no students were there! Luckily, Joshua came this weekend, because even though we had meetings, I got to see him a lot more during the day than if I had school. 
The day before was super, super windy. We were hoping that Monday would be too so Josh could stay another day. 
Ya see, even though Josh has a week off, we still have to count in days for bad weather. Hence why he only comes for a weekend. Dang Alaskan weather - it's kind of like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!

So when Monday rolled around, even though he was scheduled to leave on the evening flight, we thought it'd be best for him to leave on the midday because we heard the weather was turning bad later on. And when you hear that, your mind starts wondering, "Well what if he can't get out tomorrow? That is cutting it close before he goes back to work! And if he can't get out the next day after that then that will be awful. I don't want him to have to take a day off just because he is stuck when we could use those days for vacation in the summer." So you see, even though you want him to stay so badly, you have to think of the bigger picture… unfortunately.

Needless to say, it was such a nice weekend - One that we both needed!

**Sorry there are no pictures for this post. Usually I'm so good bringing my camera everywhere with me. I just didn't want that to distract from my weekend with hubs actually in town! 

On a side note: There is just so much to be happy about lately! Let me tell you a few:

>> Josh made it back safely annndd he got his gun today! So you know he is a happy camper.

>> It is already the fourth day of the fourth quarter! That means I am almost done with my first year teaching. I can't believe how fast time has flown! Only eight weeks left until summer!

>> We have started to plan a weekend getaway in April for me to actually visit Josh - so he's not the only one traveling all the time! There is a weekend in April where I actually have a legit three day weekend - even for teachers. I have saved my personal days just for this, so it is in the works!

>> Speaking of April, I will have another nephew during this month! (If he doesn't come early, that is!) I was talking with Josh about summer plans and how I need to go home for 1) Levi and Kate's wedding (only 95 days away!!) and 2) I will have a new nephew to see! Josh was like, "no way.. Alex isn't due for another few months!" He was baffled when I said, "more like three weeks!" We don't realize how much things change back home when we aren't there - like a growing baby bump, sis!

And please, has there been anything as cute as this! Even from 4,000 miles away he knows our names. Well, Josh's at least. And don't think Josh has let me forget it either!

>> And something teaching related: Alaska's standardized test - Standards Based Assessments aka SBA's - are in two weeks. I have been practicing hard with my students and each day see improvement with their test taking strategies. I forgot how stressful standardized tests were - 
This coming from the worst test taker ever back in the day! Worst week of my life in elementary/middle school, no doubt.
But don't tell my kids that - I am very enthusiastic about it in class!

>> And for a little Alaska moment - the sun is now rising around 9:00 am and isn't getting dark yet until 9:30/10:00 pm! It has really been affecting me! I feel myself staying up later and later, not realizing that it really is 9:45 pm. I can't imagine when it's almost a full day and the "midnight sun" is actually shining! Oh the things to look forward to!

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