April 22, 2014

Earth Day

hApPy EaRtH dAy!

I thought I would take today and enjoy this amazing weather we have been having.
The sun has been shining and it has been 40 degrees here!
(Never, ever did I think I would live in a place where 40 degrees was nice!)

So taking advantage of the weather, and Earth day, I thought it 
would be nice to do an activity that involved going outside and 
seeing what Mother Nature had to offer us.

I decided to do a simile/metaphor nature walk, if you will.
So we put on our rain boots, jackets, and hats and set off!
I told my students to list anything and everything that they saw outside.
We wrote about mud, the grass, the melting snow, the blue sky, the clouds, etc.
Most of them understood the assignment - some of them literally wrote down everything. 
Examples: one black glove, old oil can, pile of torn boxes. But whatcha gonna do??

After the short walk to the post office and back, we got busy turning their list of words 
into similes. It took a little bit to get their creative juices flowing, but at the end, most of 
them got the hang of it.
We just have to finish them tomorrow, because I forgot how important it was to color as neat 
and as nice as you can! Oh the worries of a 12 year old!

6th Grade:

^^One out of 21 actually finished their project….

5th Grade:

As soon as we got outside they were writing!

They are my goofy class… obviously. So much fun!

But we can't just go on a walk and not take scenic pictures! 
The weather has been so warm that there is literally no snow left. 
Meaning water and mud everywhere!

And it is no walk through the village unless I see some meat hanging...
^^ Seal meat.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Earth Day and did something to recognize it!

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