April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

Our Easter celebration started Friday at school.
Newtok always has a big easter candy "hunt" for all the grades.
They pile up pages and pages of crinkled newspaper and leave it in the middle of the gym.

Then they throw candy in the middle of it all and have children race to find as many pieces as they can.

Nothing says Easter than a little candy hunting competition, right?
And obviously, if there is candy involved, I should expect that all my students suddenly become fierce and intense. Even my more mellow students got into this.

We even got asked to help Pre-K and Kindergarten with an easter egg hunt.

First, we made their baskets.

Then we took the school by storm and tried to hide them as best we could for the young kids.

On Sunday we had a great lunch with all the teachers.
I am really going to miss this staff when I leave.
 Speaking of missing, I hate to admit this, but I even got a little homesick.
Easter is such a great holiday for quality family time.

But most importantly, Easter is the greatest holiday because Jesus rose from the grave!

How awesome to realize that Jesus overcame death!
Brings me to tears just thinking about what that means for us!

I saw a great quote on Facebook from Kilee Saxe -

"Today we recognize the most important day of my life and yours -

On Friday a thief, on Sunday a King."

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!
Remember Whose You Are!

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