May 1, 2014

AK to IL Pen Pals

This year, my students have just been so excited that they are able to write to their friends in Illinois. We just finished writing to them again, and I have to say, my students were more excited this time than any before. They were thrilled when I said letters had came in and they wanted to get to work right then and there! 

And the students in 5th grade in IL are awesome! They wrote letters describing life in Illinois - described the hot summers, talked about deer, and explained all the fun activities they like to do. They even sent some pictures to help my students picture life in the Midwest.

Now seeing this picture of the tree made me extremely homesick. I forgot how huge trees are! And how pretty the leaves are when they change colors. My students were enthralled with this picture!

One student even sent my student a deer's tooth! It could not have gone to a better student, either. I just knew he would love it… his reaction didn't disappoint either. How cool!

Along with the pictures and deer's tooth, they sent friendship bracelets and pencils to my students.

My students thank you fifth grade from Illinois!!

ALL of my students have enjoyed writing to their pen pals from Illinois. Literally, every one of them during this project took it seriously and was disappointed to realize that this would be the last letter we send them because of school getting out soon. It was a great experience for them!

I even got some surprises! Thank you Mrs. Merritt for all the candy… the staff here appreciated it! I figured the staff could handle sugar intake better than my students:) Also, Ms. Hall, who works with Mrs. Merritt, wrote me the sweetest letter. She was actually my teacher when I went to Lancaster. So cool! She even sent some adorable embarrassing photos of my classmates and me when we went to school there. My students just got a kick out of them! They thought it was the most hilarious thing. Thanks Ms. Hall! 

See if you can guess which one is me…. 

1st photo: Bottom row, third one from the left.
2nd photo: Bottom row, first one on the right.
3rd photo: Last row, third one from the right.

My students' first reaction: couldn't believe how tan I was!
Yes kids, I use to be dark. This Alaskan sun, or lack thereof, has ruined that!

And because I felt that these letters should be for all the school to see because it is such a cool thing, I decided to make our bulletin board about the pen pals.
 It turned out really neat (if I do say so myself).

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