April 29, 2014

Ride, Sally, Ride

Joshua and I recently added to our family: 

Sally the Subaru!
(Doesn't everyone name their vehicles?!)

As much as I loved hated Josh's truck, we knew we had to get a second vehicle.


>>We needed a vehicle we could trust driving back and forth from Seward to Anchorage - especially in the winter.
 >>We needed a vehicle that actually had heat. Yes, I can finally admit that our truck did, and still does, not have heat.
Let me tell ya - that two hour drive in December from Anchorage to Seward - I thought I had frostbite when we finally arrived at our house! Awful!
>>We needed a vehicle that would potentially hold our growing family (When the time comes!).
>> We needed to find this vehicle, but also find it without a lot of miles, and it still be in our budget!
We had high expectations!

So Joshua and I have been on the look out, scouting out different vehicles that would satisfy all of our needs (the reasons stated above). If you know Josh at all, you know he researches vehicles like it is his job. 
Granted, the truck wasn't his best pick, but let's be honest - I wasn't going to drive that thing anyways so it all worked out!
Everyday he was scouting and researching. Wouldn't ya know? All we had to do was look down our road! Our neighbors had just bought a brand new Subaru so Joshua called them up and asked what was happening to their old one. 
And if you know Josh, you know this isn't weird for him. That boy can talk to anyone - so of course all of our neighbors know him already! I'm pretty sure he has talked to everyone in Seward at least once already!
Our neighbor said that he just put it up to sell online. Joshua went over to check it out - and that was that! The Subaru became ours!

Meet Sally:

Disclaimer: Joshua wanted me to mention that those are our studded tires- hence why the rims don't look nice. We have nice rims on our summer tires, which he just put on. Also, he apologizes for not getting it washed before her photoshoot. Men and their cars!

This girl comes with everything: heated seats, heated windows, heated side mirrors, heated windshield wipers, automatic start - the works. 
I feel like this car is more luxurious than our house in Newtok!

And the best part - we will have it paid off next month!

We have had Sally for about two months now. The weeks leading up to my visit earlier this month, Joshua kept asking how excited I was to drive my car, how it's going to be so nice to sit in my car. Well, I think we all know how that last driving session went with Joshua. If haven't read about it or you're in the mood for a good laugh, you can find that post here. I was so scared to get behind the wheel again. Finally, on like the third day I was in Seward, Joshua made me drive to town. This time though, it was during daylight and there was no snow/ice on the road. I am proud to admit that it went great! The Subaru was much, much easier to drive than that hunky truck! 
Yay for being 23 and not being scared to drive anymore!

So if you come visit, be prepared to take a ride in this bad girl!

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