May 24, 2014

{Love} Week: Becoming Mrs. Joshua Hall

At this time last year, I was one day from officially being Mrs. Joshua Hall.
Our engagement year went way fast. With my student teaching and Joshua's internship, by the time we knew it, we were done with school and getting married in one day.
Okay, so it didn't go quite that fast. I don't know about any new bride, but it didn't really sink in until the two weeks before my wedding. School was a great "distraction" from the stress of wedding planning.
 Again, thank goodness for my precious mama and my other family members who helped with the wedding!
But at some moments, it hit us... especially at our showers.
{Love} Week: Becoming Mrs. Joshua Lee Hall
Joshua and I were so blessed with all the people that helped throw our showers. Our wedding showers were so great because it gave us a chance to see people that we haven't in awhile and have some quality time with them. It was so sweet hearing all their kind wishes they had for our marriage. It was these times that we felt like it was truly happening. It felt like all the hopes and decisions we had made for our wedding would soon become our reality. What a blessed feeling!
Joshua and I had three wonderful showers that spring semester before our wedding.
>> Shower #1 was hosted by Mallory and Angela Crow.
This shower meant so much to me, because the ladies that helped throw it, weren't even families of ours. I had met these awesome ladies on the Scotland trip I went on when Joshua and I had just started dating. They hosted the cutest brunch for me, and all the ladies on the trip came to just make it completely wonderful!
 ^^ Me with the wonderful hostesses of my first wedding shower! // All the ladies that came! ^^
^^ I guess this happens when someone isn't registered yet. ^^

>> Wedding Shower #2 was hosted up north by my wonderful mother-in-law. She sent out the cutest invitations that were glittering and looked like a mason jar. All of Joshua's friends and family from up north came, and it was just so nice to have all of them there since we don't get to spend a lot of time with them. I wish I took more pictures of this shower, I was just too busy chatting and catching up with everyone.

^^ My wonderful sister-in-law and I before the shower started. // Look at this cake! My mother-in-law totally outdid herself when she had this cake at the shower. So darling! ^^
>> Wedding Shower #3 was held in my hometown and hosted by cousins and aunt, with my mom and my sister who helped as well. It was held in my childhood church, so this helped in seeing a lot of women that I haven't been able to in a long time - former teachers, former babysitters, ladies that have watched me grow up. 
^^ The three ladies who made this shower possible! // Cute gift table and decorations! ^^

^^ Look at that adorable plate my mother ordered for us. Unfortunately, it didn't make the trip up to Alaska in one piece. (Which reminds me I should probably order another one) // Us at our last shower! ^^

^^Lucky to have this sister of mine who is one amazing role model for me to look up to! // Is there anything better than a good breakfast casserole?? ^^

^^ These gifts, plus a few others, made it totally worth it for Joshua to come and enjoy himself! // Couldn't wait to actually use all these gifts! Who knew it would take a year to actually use them on a daily basis?! ^^
Aren't wedding showers great? With these showers, it made it possible for us to visit and share with some people that we hadn't seen in awhile. We got everything plus more than we could have ever imagined. And now that we are in Seward, I can actually use them all! These wedding showers definitely made my journey in becoming Mrs. Joshua Lee Hall that much more real and exciting!
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