He + She

He: amazing husband, lover of all things outdoors,
God-fearing, probation officer, joke teller, beard grower, main supporter and muse of this blog.

She: dedicated wife, Jesus lover, educator, loud laugher, reader, Dixie Chicks/Shania Twain listener, writer of this blog.
And together, we are the Hall's!

We are newlyweds that just celebrated our first year anniversary! Last August, we decided to make the trek up north, leaving cornfields and humid weather behind and journeying to the land of the midnight sun. After living in the bush of Alaska, and being separated for 5 months, we are living together again, blissfully happy.

Our journey is one for the books and we hope you'll stick around to see what all we experience day-to-day in AK!
To get to know us a little more, read all about our {Love} Story:

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