July 23, 2014

Anchorage's Downtown Market

I sure do love having family come visit!
My in-laws just arrived here Saturday and will be with us until this coming Saturday.
Already we've had just the best time. (or at least I think we have!)
But I will write about their trip once we have experienced everything.
Today's post I am going to talk about the last day when my parents were still here.
My parents weren't to leave until 8 Saturday night.
What to do that whole afternoon?
Ted and Leslie, who I've mentioned on here plenty of times, made the suggestion of going to Anchorage's Downtown Market.
This market had everything - including live music.
They had different booths to shop at, fresh vegetables to buy, and so many food stands that the decision on what to eat was hard to make!

Like I mentioned above, the hardest choice to make was what to eat! There were so many choices. How good does this waffle stand look!

 I asked the owner of this stand and each waffle is made with ingredients that would be normal to eat. Such as this taco waffle above^^ - it's made with corn flour.
And since we are in Alaska, we made our decision at the halibut stand. Who could pass up halibut and fries anyways?
But as we made our way around, we couldn't help but notice all the dessert choices! From the minute we passed it, I knew I was going to get a crepe. Boy oh boy - maybe the best one I've ever eaten! It was filled with caramel, nutella, bananas, and whipped cream. And for our dessert drink, a lemonade shake up of course! YUM!

^^ The mother of all crepes!
And if you know my family, anytime there is some kettle corn, a bag will be bought. We were lucky to snag a bag of it to take home with us before they left. So good!
Such a fun way to spend our last day together! Can't wait for them to come up again!
And since Josh's family is with us now, maybe we will stop there again this Saturday to experience more of Anchorage's Downtown Market!
And the whole trip I felt like we had seen a ton of wildlife. Here is a list of all the wildlife we saw. Crazy!
1. caribou     2. mama moose and babies     3. grizzly bear     4. fox     5. pica     6. ptarmigan
7. arctic ground squirrel     8. magpie     9. snow shoe hare     10. smack of jellyfish     11. loon
12. dall porpoise     13. mew gulls     14. black legged kittiwake     15. rhinoceros auklet     16. mountain goat
17. humpback whale     18. tufted puffin     19. horned puffin     20. common mure     21. cormorant
22. bald eagle     23. juvenile eagle     24. black oystercatcher     25. harbor seal     26. sea otter     27. sea lion


  1. So fun!! Can't beat great market food :) :)

  2. I love that market! I always went for the salmon quesadillas. One of my girlfriends and I used to have a booth selling our photographs a few summers ago. So fun!