July 29, 2014

John and Joni visit Alaska

So my parents came and then only five days later, one set of my in-laws came for a visit - John and Joni Hall.
We had the best time. It was so nice to catch up and show them all around Seward.
I think by the end of it, they understood why we love it so much here.

If it's your first time visiting Seward, be prepared to do the same stuff as what you are reading about on this here blog. Seward is not a big city - there is only a limited amount of activities to do. But, I do have to say that although we did basically the same stuff that we did with my family, it was completely different each time because each family was different. John and Joni were a blast and we can't wait till they come visit again!

John and Joni's week long trip to Alaska (in photos) : 

Welcoming them to the Kenai Peninsula!

John and Joni found strawberries... growing in our yard!
We've been watching them... can't wait till they are all ready!

Our first Sunday night at Tony's listening to Hobo Jim!

Marine Majors Water Tour:
A different company than what we used with my parents. Both were wonderful!

First stop: Holgate Glacier!

This panoramic picture shows Holgate Jr. and the big mama, Holgate Glacier. This glacier is also a tide water glacier part of the Harding Icefield.

Once we left Holgate Glacier, they announced that they had done some ice fishing... literally. 
Glacial ice margaritas anybody?

Holgate glacier was cool because we hadn't seen that glacier before. We also went to Aialik Glacier on this cruise, which we had already done before with my parents. 

The best part of this entire tour was the whales. I mean we got soooo lucky. We saw humpbacks AND orca whales. And not only that, we saw the fluke of a humpback and BOTH kinds of whales breach. It was AHH-MAZING!

And how funny...
As we were walking off this water cruise tour, Joni and John recognized another couple from their hometown, Marissa, Illinois. Small world, eh!

And if the sun is shining, you don't waste it. Since Joshua had to work the next day, John, Joni, and myself decided to hike to Exit Glacier. Such a beautiful day!

And if it's raining, you try to find an indoor activity. Seward SeaLife Center is great for that!

You can't come to Seward and not try all the good places to eat, right? Boy, after them being here and my family, I don't think Joshua and I will eat out for awhile! When John and Joni came we decided to try out Christo's again - since they asked for crab legs. Stuffed ourselves full! 

Also, speaking of crab, be on the look out for a great crab cake recipe on the blog tomorrow!

The best part of the trip was the last day. Joshua took off so he could take his dad fishing. We packed up the car and headed to the Russian River over by Cooper Landing, Alaska. It was rainy, but in Alaska, you do not let the rain stop you. So while the guys fished, the girls sat and enjoyed the scenery. 

And they caught one!

And while we were enjoying the scenery, somebody else was too.

This is the closest I ever want to get to a bear! Plus, it was a baby, so we knew the mama had to be around somewhere!

So with that, their week in Alaska was over. It went by so quickly! I hope they enjoyed it as much as Joshua and I did hosting them!

Come again soon, John and Joni!

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