July 1, 2014

Stoney Creek Zipline

What a wonderful weekend we had!
This is the first work day of the week for the Hall's since Joshua always gets Monday off. So how lucky are we that we always get a three day weekend together!
And we definitely made the most of it this past weekend!
I made a post about our perfect day on Saturday, but our weekend didn't stop there! It got better!
On Sunday, I finally was able to go to church. It had been like 10 months since I had been... I couldn't believe it when Joshua and I counted it.
Joshua has been church hopping this past semester. But when I finally made it back to Seward, we decided to attend the Seward Christian Church, which we've only heard good things about.
It was such an awesome sermon. It talked about trusting in the LORD wholeheartedly and how he always has a plan for you.
One quote that the pastor said really hit home with both Joshua and I. The pastor said, "You know how God so loved the world he sent his one and only son? Well, God so loved Seward that he sent you to make an impact as well."  As soon as we went into the parking lot, we both jumped right in to what the pastor said. We had just never thought about it that way. How lucky are we that Jesus has all these plans for us? All we have to do is listen!
It definitely made us realize that we were definitely called here for a reason! 

And how fitting was our sermon on trust when our activity Sunday afternoon took a lot of it!
Saturday night, a couple called us and asked if we had plans Sunday afternoon.  There is a new zip line course in Seward- actually it's basically in our backyard. Well, our friends own a business in town and the course designer made a deal with him that if he would put the brochures of the course in his store then him and 7 of his friends could go try out the course for free.
Whatttt - for free? The Hall's are there!
Actually, to be honest, I didn't know if Joshua would go for it. See, Joshua thinks he has a fear of heights. We couldn't go zip lining on our honeymoon because Joshua didn't think he could do it. But with a little persuading, Joshua finally agreed.

And what a great time it turned out to be!
The course had 8 zip lines, 3 sky bridges, and 2 repels.
We were so thankful that Wes and Rachele invited us to go!
And thanks to Wes for taking all these photos!

^^ All harnessed up and ready to zip line!! ^^

 So this was like the third zip line, and the fastest we tried so far. If you can zoom on my face, you will see "the look of terror". It was my first time trying to brake, and at first I put my hand in the wrong position. This resulted in only had a minor freak out, but in the end, all was well! Just funny that Wes got this on camera!

So like I said, there were 8 zip lines. All with this view:

Beautiful, right??

The longest zip line was 1200 feet! It took about 37 seconds to get across.

But like I said, this course didn't have just zip lines, it had repels and sky bridges as well.

The longest repel we did was 50 feet. To look straight down, and know you had to go down that way, was the scariest part. Once you were in the air, it really wasn't bad. I don't know how they do it, but the rope, the way it's knotted, basically takes away all your weight. It's pretty cool.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the sky bridges. Just imagine three bridges made of planks of wood, hanging by trees with wires. You can just imagine the shakiness of walking over them! 
It was such an awesome experience! Such a neat thing to have in our town, and better yet in our backyard! I would highly recommend it to anyone traveling to Seward!
Thanks again Wes and Rachele for inviting us!

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