June 30, 2014

The Perfect Saturday

Do you ever have just one of those perfect days?
 Saturday was for the Hall's!
Maybe it was because it was the first full day I got to spend with my husband since I arrived back to Seward. Or maybe it was because it was one of the most beautiful days since I've been in Alaska.
67 degrees and bright sunshine = perfect weather.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know we had a lazy morning. Any morning where I can cook Joshua bacon and eggs, make fresh cups of coffee, and we stare out of our kitchen nook window at the great Alaskan wilderness is one fabulous way to start the day.

Then like I said, we didn't want to waste anymore of the sunshine - since it's hard to come by in Alaska - so we headed into town. Our first stop - Seward's Harbor. I told ya we have a thing about checking out boat names and coming up with our own when if we decide to get one... in the way, way, wayyy far off future.
As we were talking, Joshua gets all excited and tells me that he forgot to mention the boat name he had come up with a few weeks ago.
Remember, I was in IL for 3 weeks so this week was all about catching up with one another!
And let me tell ya... I was so thrilled and surprised that he had come up with this name.
I want to get a boat just to put this name on the side of it.
I couldn't have thought of a better one.
Are you ready for it?
Ya sure?
Prepare yoselves...
Our boat's name will be:
Hall'n 'em in
Get it? Hopefully Joshua will be catching so many fish on our boat that he will just be haulin' them in - but it's a play on words with our last name - Hall. Get it now?
P.S. Not sure how we would write it on the boat. After writing it on this blog, I'm not sure about all the apostrophes. Just thinking outloud...
Seriously though, I was really giddy when he told me this name.
We probably won't ever get a boat, but it is fun to think of catchy names in case we ever do.
And I'm sure this won't be the last name you'll see on here for our future boat, either!
So after our name-choosing Harbor stop, we decided to walk down 4th Avenue.
4th Avenue is the street downtown Seward with all the touristy shops, yarn/sewing shops, bakeries, book stores, etc. It's fun every once in awhile to stop and see if you can find anything good.
And that we did...
We stop at one bakery on 4th Avenue and treated ourselves to a croissant. Mine was the chocolate one and Joshua had the cherry/cream cheese one. Yummmm.
Once we went everywhere in town that we possibly could, we decided to go home and chill out. Ya know, because our day has been extra tough and all.
But I have to say that my all time favorite thing about an Alaskan summer is that you have no worry about daylight.
That's why when we decided to finally go on a hike around 4 pm, we could. It's not like it's going to get dark anytime soon - not for another 8 hours or so. Amazing.
So like I said, we decided to go for a hike on the Troop Lake trail.
It's really a great hike - not too long or hilly but has some great views.

The best part is that when you finally come to the opening that is Troop Lake, you see this...

I mean the wonder of God's creation here seriously takes my breath away and leaves me speechless. It's incredible. I am so thankful I get to live here, get to witness, and get to use my surroundings to the benefit of Him. Praise Jesus!

So then once we stood there for literally 5 minutes because we were astounded, Joshua got down to business. Oh yes, I had no idea, but in that little pack of his was all his supplies. He's gonna do some flyfishin'!

So as Joshua was doin' some fishing, I played up the nice weather and rolled up my leggings and sleeves to help my white skin soak up some Vitamin D.

Joshua and I from the start knew we'd have our own hobbies. Obviously, Joshua is all things outdoors kind of guy - hunting, fishing, trapping, etc. I think within the first week of dating, Joshua mentioned how all that was "his" time. And ever since then, it has been. And it's fine - perfect actually. He doesn't make me do it with him, and I don't ask to. But if I am able to go with him to spend the day outside in the sunshine and read a good book, I'm there.
It was the most wonderful Saturday Joshua and I have spent together in a long time. We relaxed, were active, and just enjoyed each other's company.
What is your perfect Saturday?

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