August 29, 2014

Friday Facts

Happy Friday!
Hope everyone had a good week, but will have an even better weekend. 
It's a 3 day weekend.. whatttt!

This weekend, well actually tomorrow and Sunday, we will be going to the Alaska State Fair!
I am so excited. I heard it's super big with so much going on. I can't wait.
So in honor of us going to the Alaska State Fair tomorrow, here are five facts about The State Fair you might not have known.

Friday Facts
Alaska State Fair Style

- The first Alaska State Fair was held September 4-7, 1936.
This year, the Fair was from August 21 - September 1.

- In 1967, the State Fair moved to Palmer, Alaska - which is where it is presently located.
Palmer is about an hour outside of Anchorage.

- The last attendance record is from 2010 where 290,119 people visited the fair.

- 70 food vendors and at least 400 non-food vendors have been at The Fair in the past.

- Not just food, rides, and shops, but the Alaska State Fair has a huge giant vegetable exhibit:
Some records include:
46 foot, 8 inch gourd vine - pending world record
39 inch bean - state record
83 inch gourd - state record
1,101 pound pumpkin - state record
138.25 pound cabbage - world record

So you can understand our excitement!
I cannot wait to experience it!

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  1. Have fun! I never went to the fair while we were there, but have always heard its a blast!