August 5, 2014

Our {New} Top Ten

If you notice at the top of my blog, you'll see the different pages my blog offers. One page is about us and about the blog. The journey of Joshua and I, the reason for the blog, why the blog is like it is. You get the point. Another page is titled He + She. This page offers a little more insight to Joshua and I. What we like to do and who we are individually and as a couple. Another page lists all of my favorite posts from our year spent in Newtok. And the page I'm focusing about today is Our Top Ten. Joshua and I composed this bucket list, if you will, of what we wanted to achieve in Newtok.

Our Top Ten
...for our year in Newtok
#1. move and arrive safely in our new adventure
#2. experience Alaskan wildlife
It took me nine months living in this state to actually see a moose.
We have seen (not counting if it was dead or alive): moose, muskox, seals, sea otters, muskrat, bears, caribou, and many types of birds, including bald eagles.
#3. immerse in our new culture
Everyone in Newtok was so nice and welcoming - this was easy!
#4. learn Yupik
Unfortunately, a year was not long enough...
#5. Josh - never buy meat again
Emily - learn how to cook wild game
Praise the Lord, Joshua went on that moose hunt. It supplied our meat for the entire year. And now, I'm proud to say that I can cook a mean moose roast.
#6. Josh - never cut hair again (head or beard)
... after 20 days of being in Alaska, Josh had to cut his hair for an interview. Sad, sad day in the Hall's household.
#7. learn the secret of shopping for a months supply ... of everything
Thank goodness for Amazon. And for my husband leaving me. Shopping for one is so much easier. 
(and I was just kidding about Joshua leaving me ^^.)
#8. embrace every challenge together
This year definitely proved to be a challenge in every aspect. Moving 4,000 miles away from our home state, starting new jobs, and moving 600 miles away from each other. But we made it :)
#9. laugh everyday
#10. do it all for the glory of God
God definitely deserves all the credit for this incredible life he has blessed Joshua and I with.

So that was our list this past year. Reading this again makes me smile about the amazing experience we had in Newtok. But since we have moved on and are at a totally different place, I figured it was time to post our new top ten. Because we've composed it already. Remember that anniversary trip we took to Homer. That was a loooong drive. So we talked about everything we wanted to do this year in Seward. Yeah, our anniversary was May 25th. Again, I've been so behind with my blog posts. I apologize! 

And since it's been two months since we composed this list, we've already completed some of the tasks. So you'll be seeing what we want to do in Seward, and reviewing some items that you've read about on this blog already! You're welcome.

Our Top Ten
... for our year in Seward
#1. Visit Seward's SeaLife Center
I have visited this place two times in three weeks. It definitely is worth it, though!
#2. See a bear and a whale... not necessarily together but if that were to happen, awesome.
Saw them both! but not together. Again, our parents got so lucky to see all the wildlife that they did when they were here. Which means we go lucky as well!
#3. Start meal planning each week
This has been a goal of mine for sometime now. But with traveling and visitors, it became too hard. Now that things have slowed down, I'm hoping to meal plan every week. This will hold me accountable as well!
#4. Shoot a bear
Obviously, this one is Josh's. And hopefully this will happen soon. I need some meat in the freezer!
#5. Stock our freezer full of salmon
Speaking of freezers... Joshua has done a great job. We have quite a bit where we even had to buy another small freezer for more room. But it's a looonnggg winter. We need more!
#6. Hike Mt. Marathon
Done! This was my first mountain I climbed in Seward, and it was incredible. Here's the blog post in case you missed it!
#7. Not move away from each other
Uhhh... Should this really be on this list? The answer is YES. Year two of marriage will be spent with each other, in the same city, all year.
#8. Spend more time daily with the Lord
You know, I wasn't quite sure how to study the Bible by myself. I am a person that likes to have an outline to help study with. This Give Me Jesus Journal does just that. It's perfect. 
#9. Laugh everyday
We felt like this should be on the list.. again.
#10. Do it all for the glory of God

So that is Our {New} Top Ten. Make sure to check it out, and my other pages, too!

Do you have a bucket list?

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