August 25, 2014

The Office

Two weeks ago, Joshua was scheduled to go on a hunting trip.
If you missed his awesome post he wrote, you need to read it here.
And if you did read it, you'll remember that unfortunately him and Doug were rain delayed a few days. Three to be exact.
So for those three days, since Joshua had taken vacation leave already and I wasn't working yet, that left us alone together 24/7 for three straight days.
Joshua and I are not used to spending that much time together. I mean shoot, our first year of marriage, we spent only four months living together, just us two. We had to figure out something to occupy our time together so we didn't get on each other's nerves.
I'm really just kidding. It was really nice actually to spend that time together, since ya know, we did spend a lot of time this past year apart.

How did we occupy ourselves? By watching one of the greatest, if not the greatest television show, to hit America - The Office
The U.S. version

I know we are totally 5+ years late on watching this show. I remember my siblings always watching it. Josh had friends and family that watched it too. For some odd reason, we just never got into it.
Luckily, our neighbors here in Seward and actually the couple Josh went hunting with, Doug and Kris, made us start watching it.
They always referred to it, and so we didn't feel out of the loop any longer, we decided to finally buckle down and watch it.
I am so glad we did!

Watching TV shows with Joshua is really a challenge. I am always timid to start a new TV show with him because he gets so bored after a few seasons. We tried watching Prison Break in college. I think we got 3 seasons in before he decided not to watch it anymore. I didn't even finish that series.
This past year in Newtok, we started 24 together. He hated it. Couldn't even finish the first season with me. Luckily, he left me so I could finish that series.
Not really lucky, but you know what I mean.
So you see why we hardly ever watch TV, together.

But when we started getting into the Office, that was it. We were hooked!
We are currently on Season 6. And yes, we only started two weeks ago. I know how lame that sounds. But any chance we get, it's The Office.
Better late than never, right?

So in celebration of us just figuring out how great this how really is, here are some of our favorite episodes:

Season One

^^The Alliance // Basketball^^

Season Two

^^The Dundies // Dwight's Speech^^

Season Three

^^The Convention // The Negotiation^^

Season Four

^^Survivor Man // Dinner Party^^

Season Five

^^Frame Toby // Company Picnic^^

But of course my favorite moments had to deal with Jim and Pam.
I mean, if I had watched their wedding before my own, there is no doubt my wedding party would groove down the aisle like they did.
Just kidding. Or am I?

We are almost done with Season 6. I have a feeling that in another week or so we will have the whole series finished!

What are some other television series worth watching?

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