September 13, 2014

Life Lately

I know... I know.
I've totally been neglecting my blogging duties.
This week has been hectic.

First of all, I've been sick. All I've wanted to do was chill out with Josh and sleep. So that meant no time to update you on this here blog.

Secondly, we've been dog/house sitting for friends of ours, Andy and Jess.
They are the couple that we went to school with and now live in Seward together. Crazy, right? You would've read one of our first posts about visiting them here.
Who knew we would've ended up here after that visit...
So since last weekend, we've been between houses. We sleep at our house, then before work and at lunch I let the dogs out, and then after work, we come over to their house to hang out and play with the dogs until we go to bed at our own place. 
So needless to say, blogging has been the least of my worries.
But Andy and Jess are coming home tonight, so my posts will hopefully get back on schedule. Hopefully...

But since I haven't been on here for a week, I figured I would show in pictures what we've been up to lately.

Playing with these sweet pups:

This awesome book that we've been studying at home and at church:

The sermons our pastor, Max, has been preaching from this book have been so enlightening. Be prepared to read some posts about my thoughts on his sermons and what the Lord is doing in our lives lately. It's been unreal.

Watching a lot of football - college and professional.
This was a lot different last year when we lived in the bush...

Did you see the Nortre Dame game last week? I married into the ND lifestyle. #playlikeachampiontoday

Watching more and more of this season:

We are just finishing up season seven. The second to last episode we just watched was of Michael leaving. I've watched one episode with Will Ferrell. Is it the same? I miss Michael already...

During one of the last episodes with Michael, I told Joshua that if I was ever in a bad mood, play a segment of this episode. What segment is it, you may ask? Michael celebrating and his dance off...with himself.

Noticing the seasons and colors changing:

 Of course, eating very well:
Be looking for some of these recipes on the blog in the coming weeks!

Is there anything better than comfort food when you're sick?

And a sweet note from my husband on why he loves me so much:

What can I say...

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